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8 Benefits of lemon verbena and side effects

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Discover the 8 Proven Health Benefits Of Lemon Verbena And Side Effects.

Lemon verbena is said to be the most effective of all citrus-scented herbs. With its delicious aroma and flavor, lemon verbena is a bright, sweet herb that can make recipes that much more interesting.

It also has a wide range of medicinal properties. The benefits of lemon verbena may include relief from common digestive complaints including gas, indigestion, constipation, and diarrhea.

Other uses for lemon verbena include relief from joint pain, skin conditions, trouble sleeping, hemorrhoids, varicose veins, colds, fever, and chills.

Let’s take a look at what scientific research has shown so far and why you might want a cup of lemon verbena tea after reading this article.

8 Proven Health Benefits Of Lemon Verbena And Its Side Effects


Health benefits of lemon verbena

The fascinating health benefits of lemon verbena include its ability to protect muscles, reduce inflammation, boost the immune system, calm the stomach, reduce fever, calm nerves, and eliminate congestion. It is also popularly used for weight loss.

1.- Benefits Of Lemon Verbena for Weight loss

While green tea is often suggested for those on a diet, lemon verbena is also effective, there are only 2 calories per serving and the rich combination of organic compounds affects the body that reduces ‘biting’, preventing eat between meals and compromise your diet.


Additionally, the significant metabolic effects of lemon verbena tea benefits can help increase the rate of fat burning by optimizing various bodily processes.

2.- Strengthen the muscles

This is one of the unique qualities of this herb and one that is not often found in plain teas.

When you use the benefits of lemon verbena tea as an exercise supplement, research has shown that the high antioxidant potential decreases the damage done to the muscles during training, without inhibiting the development of additional muscle mass and the increase in the endurance of the muscle. This makes lemon verbena the perfect pre-workout companion!

3.- Reduces inflammation

Arthritis and injuries can wreak havoc on our joints and mobility.

As we get older, or when we hurt ourselves, it can be difficult to feel whole again because our joints are in constant use and rarely have time to heal properly.

The benefits of lemon verbena have been directly linked to reducing joint pain and faster recovery from joint-related injuries.

This is mainly due to the impressive antioxidant levels in this little herb.

4.- Increases immunity

Oxidative stress is the result of the activity of the much notorious and fearful free radicals and their presence throughout the organs of our body, which weakens the immune system, stretching it too much and distracting it with cell mutation and chronic diseases.


Research has connected the benefits of lemon verbena to reducing oxidative stress levels and better overall body health, evidenced by a decisive increase in white blood cells, our immune system’s first line of defense.

5.- Benefits Of Lemon Verbena for digestion

Lemon verbena tea also has certain calming qualities that have traditionally been used to relieve stomach problems and indigestion in different cultures.

This herbal preparation has antispasmodic qualities that help calm the stomach and eliminate cramps and bloating, which can lead to gastrointestinal discomfort and problems.

Lemon verbena tea helps regulate your appetite (stimulating in some cases), leading to healthy nutrient intake to optimize your metabolic processes.

6.- Reduces fevers

In traditional South American medicine, lemon verbena was believed to be a diaphoretic, which meant that it stimulated sweating and was therefore used to break the fever and accelerate the healing of people suffering from inflammatory diseases.

7.- Relieves anxiety

The antioxidant compounds found in lemon verbena can also have an impact on the hormonal balance in the body.

While this effect is not dramatic, it is known as a calming drink and is prescribed for people with nervous distress or chronic stress as it can ease the mind and calm the body.

8.- Treat congestion

The final attribute of lemon verbena benefits is its expectorant properties. This means that drinking the tea can relax congestion in the airways and help clear phlegm and mucous in that system.


Phlegm can be a breeding ground for bacteria and other pathogens, so drinking tea that can help get rid of that unwanted material is a good way to boost your immune system.


Plant origin and chemical composition of lemon verbena

The lemon verbena plant is a tropical perennial shrub that belongs to the Verbenaceae family. Is lemon verbena a perennial? It certainly is, which means it comes back for multiple growing seasons.

The botanical name can be Aloysia citriodora or Lippia citriodora. A lemon verbena plant can grow to over 10 feet tall in hot climates, such as in South America, where it originates.

The flowers and leaves are used for culinary and medicinal purposes.

The leaves are yellowish-green and have a long, narrow, and pointed shape; the leaves are rich in aromatic oil and have a distinctly lemon-like aroma and flavor.

Research has shown that a tea made from the leaves is rich in beneficial polyphenolic compounds including verbascoside and luteolin 7-diglucuronide.

Lemon verbena essential oil has also been shown to contain active components such as 1,8-cineole, also known as eucalyptol (12.4 percent); geranial (9.9 percent); 6-methyl-5-hepten-2-one (7.4 percent); and neral (6.9 percent).


Side effects of lemon verbena

Although the common side effects of lemon verbena have not been extensively researched and recorded, be aware of any hypersensitivity, allergies, or skin rashes that may arise as a result of interaction with the substance.

If you are pregnant, use caution and consult your doctor before using any natural supplement such as lemon verbena, as the effects in pregnant women have not been well researched.

Lemon verbena supplements have caused occasional dermatitis and increased kidney irritation in patients with existing kidney disease.

The verbascósido has the potential to increase chromosomal abnormalities, as noted in a study of genomics toxicity of the chemical in fat cells.

What is lemon verbena?

Although lemon verbena is native to South America, it has become a widely accessible plant and herb due to its powerful medicinal effects and qualities as a food additive.

Another common name besides lemon verbena is lemongrass, the plant is a perennial shrub that has a powerful lemon scent, which is intensified when the leaves and flowers are touched or bruised; the shrub can stand 2-3 meters tall and has small purple and white flowers.

Its initial widespread use was as a food additive and flavoring, in particular, it was added to poultry and fish dishes, as well as salads, dressings, jams, and various beverages. However, the traditional use of this herb as a medicinal herb has returned to fashion,

How to use lemon verbena

If you are looking for lemon verbena recipes you will be surprised to find quite a few options, when it comes to lemon verbena vs lemon balm for culinary use the two herbs can be used interchangeably in most recipes.


Lemon balm and lemon verbena taste similar to lemon, but verbena is spicier, lemon verbena can be added to hot and cold drinks, desserts, fish dishes, rice, and more.

Some people enjoy adding it fresh or dried to iced teas. What sounds good to you is a good use of this citrus herb!

Where can you buy lemon verbena?

You can find it online and in spice stores as a dried herb. If you are looking to use lemon verbena medicinally, you can find it online or at a health food store in the form of lemon verbena tea, liquid extract, capsule, powder, or essential oil.

If you are a gardener, then you may be wondering if lemon verbena is growing well in your garden. It is not very difficult to grow this perennial herb.

You can buy lemon verbena seeds or a small plant, either way, you may want to consider using containers with good drainage holes so that you can bring the plant indoors during the cold winter months.

Lemon verbena is frost-tolerant, so its roots should not be allowed to freeze. While outdoors, the plant should be placed in a shady spot from full sun to mid-afternoon.

How do you harvest lemon verbena

You can collect the leaves as needed during the growing season. Simply cut the stems with a sharp pair of scissors, leaving at least a third of the stem to regrow for a future harvest.

The leaves can be used fresh or dried for culinary, medicinal, and DIY beauty recipes (such as homemade soaps). Store the dried leaves in an airtight container, away from heat and light.


What is the recommended dose of lemon verbena?

There is currently no standard dosage for lemon verbena.

A suitable medicinal dose depends on several factors, such as the user’s age and health.

Always read product labels carefully and consult an expert on proper dosage if necessary


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