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8 benefits of white tea

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Discover the 8 benefits of white tea.

Many are unaware of the benefits of white tea, perhaps because it was not such a well-known product until now, it is native to China, especially it is grown in the high mountains of Fujian province, where even the smallest detail of its preparation is taken care of. cultivation and production.

White tea is considered one of the most powerful antioxidants in nature, it is said to have at least 100% effectiveness over green tea since it contains three times more polyphenols, which is considered a powerful antioxidant which is found present in all teas and is credited with increasing the body’s defenses and neutralizing the activities of free radicals.8 benefits of white tea


Free radicals are the cause of cell oxidation, which causes cancer to occur, thanks to the presence of polyphenols it can help neutralize the action of free radicals in our body.

Benefits of white tea

As we have already mentioned, white tea is a drink rich in antioxidants, even more than the delicious green tea, thanks to the fact that it has a greater amount of polyphenols, which are very helpful to increase the body’s defenses and helps to neutralize free radicals that cause cancer in our body, without forgetting that it works as a protector of lipid production.

1.- Antioxidants.

Like other types of tea, white tea has large amounts of polyphenols, even 100 times more than green tea, this helps not only fight free radicals that age our skin and body, but also helps prevent cancer.

2.- Cardiovascular health.

Consuming white tea helps us maintain optimal cardiovascular health, thanks to the fact that the catechins that exist in this type of drink are adequate to avoid heart-related diseases, without forgetting that it helps reduce blood pressure and keep it level.

3.- Beauty.

There is nothing but for the skin that free radicals, can make usage in the blink of an eye, we can find endless creams on the market that give us eternal youth, but their costs are more than we can pay, however, the wise nature gives us white tea, the consumption of this not only helps to keep us young and fresh but also protects us from sun exposure.


4.- Infections.

Thanks to the fact that it helps us keep the immune system in good working order, white tea provides us with a barrier against infectious diseases, so if you want to stay healthy, do not stop consuming three cups of white tea a day.

5.- Nervous system.

Another point in favor of antioxidants is that they help us maintain a healthy nervous system, which is why their consumption is frequently recommended.

6.- Diuretic.

One of the benefits of white tea is that it has diuretic properties, these help us eliminate fat and liquids from the body.

7.- Anti-caries.

White tea is not only a powerful antioxidant, but it also has high doses of fluoride, which helps prevent cavities and problems associated with teeth, so if you want to maintain a beautiful and fresh smile, the best is to consume a cup of white tea a day.

8.- Lose weight.

Women have our nemesis and it is overweight, it is our lifelong struggle, and it is that we can do everything and certain areas of our body find it difficult to lose weight, however, the consumption of white tea helps thanks to its slimming and purifying properties, take at least four cups a day and you will notice the difference.


Curiosities of white tea

White tea has properties that not only benefit health but also beauty, we can find this antioxidant as a natural ingredient in some commercial cosmetics, it is also considered one of the best drinks since it does not have dyes or preservatives, which makes it Its consumption is beneficial for our health.

It has little caffeine, which makes its consumption much more recommended than coffee. To enjoy the benefits of white tea, you can consume it in infusions or supplements, although the former is much better since you can enjoy the following properties:

•It is ideal for reducing blood cholesterol levels, as well as body fat.


•Stimulates fluid retention.

•Improves the digestive process.

•Increases metabolism, which makes it burn fat more efficiently.

•Avoid infections and mental and physical fatigue.

•It has anti-carcinogenic properties.

•It is a natural drink without calories and free of caffeine.

•Increases energy, memory, and concentration.

White tea stands out from other teas since it is much more delicate and smooth; and all its benefits can be obtained by drinking it cold or hot, without forgetting that it is easy to prepare and is perfect for those hot days, you can drink at least three cups a day.


The benefits of white tea can be used not only by drinking it, but also externally, as a facial tonic it helps us close the pores of the skin and get a good tan, apparently the properties and benefits of white tea are lost sight of, so it’s a good time to take advantage of them and enjoy them in a delicious drink or a refreshing tonic.

The benefits of nature can be of great help to be able to use them not only for our beauty but also for health, do not forget to visit us and discover more medicinal and cosmetic benefits of plants, we will read until a next post.


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