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7 Shocking health benefits of Calendula

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Discover the 7 Shocking health benefits of Calendula

When the pharaohs ruled the upper and lower Nile and the Egyptian empire was in all its splendor, a plant dominated the vegetable kingdom of those lands.

It is about the calendula, which the inhabitants of that warm African nation considered a marvel.

They did not exaggerate when considering this herbaceous plant that way, which blooms in spring and until the first winter snowfalls begin.


Well, beyond its radiant beauty, it has characteristics that can perfectly be used to improve health and physical appearance.

With this post we want you to know the benefits and properties of calendula, a gift of nature, as well as the applications that it is given to different fields of health, so you will understand why the ancient Egyptians esteemed it so much.

What does Calendula contain?

Scientific name: Calendula officinalis

Family: Asteraceae


Species: C. Officinalis; Calendula

Class: Magnoliopsida

Kingdom: Plantae

Division: Magnoliophyta


Order: Asterales

Calendula officinalis, is the scientific name of this plant of the Asteraceae family, although it is commonly called Calendula, buttercup, marigold, or Mercado la.

The biochemical components of this plant give it powers of proven therapeutic efficacy.

For this reason, it is usually used for aesthetic purposes due to its antiseptic and healing properties, in addition, it has digestive, anti-inflammatory, and antiviral properties.


You will better understand its healing capacity, knowing the active principles it contains: Mentone, carvone, caryophyllene; it owes its aseptic action to them.

The calendula has helped with stomach problems, it also has flavonoids, saponosides, and carotenoids, which give it other benefits that you will already know.

Health benefits of Calendula

Calendula is present in a multitude of products for various purposes, which speaks of its versatility.

So, you can find it online for babies, in the form of creams and even body milk.


In the field of personal hygiene and beauty, it is highly required, so it is part of toothpaste, soaps for delicate skin, and healing oils.

At the same time, it is highly valued in sports training fields, as it relieves ligament pain and improves muscle elasticity.

However, its advantages are not subordinated to the level of hygiene and aesthetics, but its applications to the health field are also highly appreciated.

Therefore, below, you will know about the seven benefits of the amazing calendula.


1. Its great anti-inflammatory capacity

To a large extent, calendula produces anti-inflammatory effects due to their triterpene and flavonoid components.


For this reason, it is recommended to treat rubbing, scalding, and even minor burns, due to its great ability to reduce inflammation and recover the skin.

Its use in the treatment of infections of the mouth and pharynx, such as annoying mouth ulcers, pharyngitis, tonsillitis, and gingivitis, is very widespread.

Hence, its active ingredient is one of the main ingredients in rinses to relieve gingival inflammation or canker sores.


Some massage creams like Physiorelax forte plus with calendula oil tone and relax the muscles and skin.

2. It is a powerful antiseptic

In the expert opinion of Dr. Lérida Acosta de La Luz, director of Natural and Traditional Medicine in Cuba and author of the book “Provide health Grow medicinal plants”, calendula has characteristics that stimulate dermal healing, as it favors the production of glycoproteins and collagen.

Its fungicidal capacity, which minimizes the proliferation of bacteria in wounds, makes its powerful healing and antiseptic.

No wonder it is often used to heal cracked hands and feet, as well as infections caused by fungi, such as athlete’s foot and vaginal yeast infections.


3. Relieves digestive and menstrual problems

It is recognized for its attributes to reduce pain associated with the menstrual cycle, given that, due to its flavonoid content, it contributes to improving circulation and relieving spasms.

Now, in terms of digestive disorders, calendula facilitates the release of bile into the digestive tract, so it helps to appease indigestion and gastritis, it also has antiemetic effects.

4. It’s a caress for babies

The presence of elements such as beta-carotene, phytosterols, and salicylic acid, make calendula-based children’s products soothing and softening.

Therefore, in cosmetics and creams for babies, it is often used because it protects and hydrates their delicate skin and prevents the rubbing of the diaper from irritating.


Without a doubt, calendula helps to treat the darlings of the house with tenderness.

5. Improve eye problems

It is indicated to combat eye fatigue, caused by long-term exposure to computer and mobile screens; also relieving the redness of the eyes.

It also considers that it is useful to treat conjunctivitis and eye inflammations, due to its antiviral and antibiotic properties. So, calendula is a great ally to have a healthy vision.

6. Calendula for a healthier skin

In its official monograph, the EMA (European Medicines Agency) talks about the use of calendula in the form of compresses, in creams or ointments for the healing of irritations, minor skin inflammations, and sunburns.


As you well know, a person’s face is their calling card, so abscesses, eczema, hives, and juvenile acne are a nightmare for anyone who wants to show off a perfect complexion.

For this reason, it is not strange that creams with calendula content are used to correct these problems.

It is very effective in regenerating skin affected by allergies , favoring collagen synthesis in the skin restoration process.

7. She is a friend of athletes

Calendula oil is very useful for giving relaxing massages, which is why it is so in demand by athletes.


It can be used before and after performing intense physical exercise because it promotes muscle recovery, in presentations such as gel Thrombactiv gel 200ml .

On the other hand, it is effective to treat bruises and bumps, because it has the power to relieve pain and swelling, such as those produced in the practice of rubbing sports, such as soccer, basketball and baseball.

And even hiking enthusiasts have a valuable helper in the marigold for healing scratches, blisters and sprains.

The historian Herodotus spoke of the use that ancient Egypt gave to the fresh and dried flowers of the marigold.


Over time, Greeks and Romans learned to use this wonderful medicinal plant and its legacy has reached our time, where its applications are constantly increasing


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