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6 shocking health benefits of Tejocote Root

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Discover the 6 shocking health benefits of tejocote root.

In recent times, natural alternatives have gained great importance, being the choice of more and more people, who seek a significant improvement in their health and aesthetics without using processed chemicals.

Lately, a plant has gained notoriety, its use being more and more frequent, the tejocote root.

This is due to the great health benefits of the tejocote root, which increases its popularity, if you want to know the benefits you just have to keep reading the article.


What is tejocote?

It is a red fruit, similar in appearance to an apple, originally from Mexico, characterized by having a bittersweet taste and a sweet aroma, which is used to make teas due to its pleasant taste and its properties, mainly concerning weight loss.

Its root is the most used to lose weight since they have slimming properties.

As mentioned above, the root is the most used part of this plant as an aid to weight loss, since it is responsible for helping to feel full, which reduces the anxiety to eat between meals, besides, it eliminates fat accumulated.


Obtaining tejocote root for consumption

Obtaining the tejocote root is a rather complex and delicate process, since its cultivation is completely natural and free of chemicals, to guarantee the effectiveness of the final product. To obtain it, the following steps must be carried out:

1 The main thing is the extraction of the seeds and roots of this fruit.

2 These roots must be carefully cut into smaller pieces to facilitate the process.

3 Once cut, they are placed in an oven for at least 20 minutes at high temperatures to dry.


4 After the roots have cooled, they are packed hermetically.

What is tejocote root for?

The main use of tejocote root is related to weight loss, but it also helps reduce levels of excessive anxiety and stress, as well as helping to control triglycerides and cholesterol in the blood.

It purifies the body helping it to rid itself of harmful toxins that can affect your health, coming from the fatty foods that are consumed.

What are the health benefits of tejocote root?

There are many benefits of frequent consumption of tejocote root teas, mainly related to weight loss. Among its most notable benefits of the tejocote root, are the following:


• Helps to eliminate accumulated fat.

• Lowers anxiety levels, which prevents compulsive eating between meals.

• Helps increase muscle mass.

• Prevents sagging skin, firming it.


• It considerably reduces cellulite.

• Decreases fluid retention.

• Helps reduce triglyceride and cholesterol levels by keeping the arteries and heart clean of fat.


• Helps control blood sugar levels.


1. Strengthens the immune system

By providing a high content of vitamin C and helping the oxidation of fats thanks to pectin, which translates into the better blood flow and greater oxygenation that helps maintain the health of the body and its optimal functioning.

2. Detoxifies the body

It helps to eliminate all toxins, improving digestive function, so that it works optimally, so that food waste is expelled from the body quickly, thus preventing its absorption, which could cause health problems.

This in addition to maintaining health, helps you lose weight progressively.

3. Strengthens bones

Tejocote root has a high content of calcium, which helps to preserve bone health and reduce the risks of suffering from diseases such as osteoporosis.


4. Improves skin

Because it is rich in collagen, it helps to improve the appearance of the skin, providing great elasticity, while considerably reducing cellulite, stretch marks, and flaccidity and preventing their appearance.

5. Eliminate fat

Thanks to its effect as a dilator of adipocytes, it helps to release accumulated fat, which is progressively excreted from the body, helping to eliminate accumulations of lipids from arms, legs, abdomen, buttocks, in short, from the entire body.

6. Helps to lose weight

For all the aforementioned, because once the body has been detoxified and the fat released, the metabolism will accelerate naturally, helping to lose weight progressively.

Helping in turn to the formation of muscle mass, which will have greater mobility to be free of fat.


Side effects or contraindications of tejocote root

Although it is a natural plant, free of chemicals, the reactions of each organism are different and in some cases, some adverse reactions may occur.

Stomach discomfort

You may feel some stomach discomfort such as nausea and have frequent bowel movements.

However, it should be noted that this is normal in a detoxification process, which is why it is quite frequent during the first days of its consumption.


The same detoxification process can cause exhaustion, so it is recommended to eat a healthy and complete diet.


During the consumption of the tejocote root, it is not recommended to follow restrictive diets, but to avoid the consumption of sugars and flours.

Muscle pains

In some cases some people have experienced muscle aches such as those that occur after exercising, this is because lactic acid begins to release from the muscle as part of the process of releasing accumulated fat.

This can be avoided by consuming fruits rich in potassium and lots of water.


Although this is a rare side effect, it needs to be mentioned.


If this happens, it can be easily corrected by increasing water intake, to help the body rid itself of toxins and excess accumulated fat.

Despite this, the consumption of tejocote root is quite safe, just be careful to start by ingesting it in low doses to accustom the body.

We hope the article on the 6 shocking health benefits of Tejocote Root has been of help.


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