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6 Benefits of bicarbonate of soda and side effects

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Discover the 6 Shocking health benefits of bicarbonate of soda and side effects.

The properties of bicarbonate are widely accepted in much of the world.

It is credited with numerous benefits for gut health, including indigestion.

Of course, certain precautions must be taken when taking it, for example, the amount and frequency.

Even so, many medications have bicarbonate to fight urinary tract infections, kidney stones, dental plaques, etc.

In this article, we will highlight everything you need to know about baking soda. What exactly? What are the benefits of consuming it? 6 Shocking health benefits of bicarbonate


Does its consumption have any disadvantages? These are some of the questions that we will answer below.

Formula: NaHCO₃

Molar mass: 84.007 g / mol

Density: 2.2 g / cm³

IUPAC name: Sodium hydrogen carbonate

Soluble in: Water


What is Bicarbonate?

Bicarbonate is also known as sodium carbonate, baking soda, or Vichy salt.

It is a mineral that is obtained from natron, a mineral from nature, and can be diluted in water producing an effervescent effect or chemical reaction.

It is the antacid par excellence. Its use is generally recommended to combat heartburn, hyperacidity etc.

Health benefits of bicarbonate or baking soda

It is used for both health and cleaning, with excellent results. Let’s see some of the health benefits of bicarbonate:


1. Benefits of bicarbonate for heartburn

Thanks to its alkaline properties, it manages to control the pH and reduce acidity.

So if you have heartburn, your doctor will probably prescribe any medicine containing it as Farline 200 G Sodium Bicarbonate.

These properties are also very useful to take care that both blood and urine have the least amount of acids possible.

2. Benefits of bicarbonate for nausea

Just use a little bicarbonate of soda diluted in water to help the stomach regain its normal state.

Being an alkaline mineral, bicarbonate controls the pH of the stomach, eliminating discomfort.

3. Remove plaque on teeth

As dental plaque is formed by the acids accumulated in the mouth, bicarbonate works by controlling these acids and making all that unpleasant plaque disappear.


It also helps to have healthy gums and at the same time prevents teeth from losing their color.

4. Benefits of bicarbonate for fungi

In this case, you will not need to consume it to improve. Only the baking soda should be applied on top of the fungus.

This will allow the area to stay dry at all times and as a consequence, the fungus will disappear in a short time.

Some pharmaceutical products like creams that contain bicarbonate will make your job even easier.


5. Scrub

Its properties help the facial skin to regain its freshness.

It also eliminates acne. Using a cream you can apply it to the face and after a few minutes remove it.


However, you should know that prolonged use can cause dryness, so do not forget to hydrate the skin with other products.

6. Cleaning agent

As you have read, it can help remove embedded dirt on tiles, dishes, etc.

Properties of Bicarbonate

It has antiseptic properties, which makes it useful for treating ulcers and mild sore throats.

It has healing properties of the intestinal tract.

The use in the cosmetic field is wide, it helps to counteract blemishes on the skin, acne, etc.

It has cleaning properties, so it serves as a chemical element. This makes it useful in non-medicinal, but necessary fields such as household cleaning (dishes, kitchen, tiles, clothing, etc.)


It has fungicidal properties, therefore you can apply it to plants diluted in water.

How to use Bicarbonate of soda

Like all minerals, it is necessary to take care of the way it is used, especially when we do it in the health area. Let’s see some ways to use it:


The bicarbonate can be consumed orally, in this sense there are two presentations: powder and tablets.

Powdered Bicarbonate: This presentation is useful for indigestion and fighting heartburn.

But you mustn’t exceed the dose. The powder must be diluted in water, now after food.

The recommendation is a teaspoon for a glass of water.


Of course, the best alternative, in this case, is to use pharmaceutical products that have proven quality.

In tablets: Tablets or tablets are excellent because they give you the possibility of consuming the bicarbonate without margin of error. Of course, never exceed the dose.

That is, if you were supposed to take the pill at a certain time and you forgot, don’t take a double dose.


Applying baking soda creams can help remove blemishes or even improve acne.

This is achieved thanks to the fact that bicarbonate allows the pores of the skin to open, allowing them to better absorb the nutrients it requires.

As in the case of oral use, it is necessary to take care of the quantity so as not to fall into excessive use.


Advantages, Disadvantages, and Side Effects of Baking Soda

Bicarbonate is an accessible, inexpensive, and versatile mineral. Its advantages are evident in each of the properties it has.

Next, we will indicate the main advantages and disadvantages.


Improves the pH. Thanks to its ability to eliminate acid in the stomach and other organs, it allows the pH to be controlled. This in turn makes it possible for the body to function better.

Increase energy. Some academic studies have indicated that this mineral affects an increase in energy, which contributes to improving the rhythm of athletes or athletes.

It is accessible. The bicarbonate in any of its presentations is very easy to get in any pharmacy, its price is affordable.


Damage to the stomach It seems contradictory because we have said that it serves to eliminate acidity.


But this damage only occurs when it is ingested in excess. In small quantities, it does not present any risk.

It is not recommended in some patients. Children under 12 years of age cannot ingest it, as well as those with hypertension.


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