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6 Easy Tips To Say Goodbye To Bad Breath

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Today, I’m telling you how to never have bad breath again.

To be honest, I didn’t necessarily have perfect oral hygiene …

Result: I was offered mint chewing gum a little too often.

6 Easy Tips To Say Goodbye To Bad Breath


If you know what I mean…

So I was interested in solutions to have fresh breath.


And thanks to 6 tried and tested tips, I can finally speak to everyone’s face!

Do you want to know how? Here are my 6 easy tips to say goodbye to bad breath:

1. I drink water all day long

Dry mouth is one of the leading causes of bad breath.

This is because one does not drink enough water.

This is for example the case when we sleep or when we travel.

The body slows down the production of saliva needed to moisten the mouth.


Result: dry mouth leads to the formation of dead cells on the tongue.

These dead cells are then broken down by bacteria.

And these bacteria are the cause of bad breath.

So the obvious way to fight this phenomenon is to drink water more regularly.

A well-hydrated mouth regularly produces saliva and reduces the risk of halitosis.

2. I use a tongue scraper


Get that in your head

There is nothing more effective than regularly cleaning the top of the tongue.

If you can, clean it up after every meal.

The tongue scraper is the best solution for quick cleaning.

But you can do it very well with a simple toothbrush.

Just run the toothbrush over your tongue for 15 seconds each time you brush your teeth.


Scratching reduces the concentration of organosulfur compounds, which cause bad breath.

You know what you have to do: scratch daily!

3. I do natural mouthwashes

In some situations, brushing your teeth or scratching your tongue is complicated.

This is the case when we are at work, for example.

Instead, I do mouthwashes.

Mouthwash is more effective than chewing gum or mint because it kills bacteria.


So always keep a small bottle in your bag.

For best results, I gargle for 30 seconds.

I close my mouth with my teeth slightly apart and circulate the liquid.

I put as much force as I can while spinning it, then I spit it out.

I do not eat anything or smoke for the next 30 minutes.

Be careful, however, with mouthwashes sold in stores.


They are not very healthy …

Instead, make it yourself using this 100% natural recipe.

4. I regularly floss

Bacteria in your mouth break down food stuck between your teeth.

This process then gives off a foul odor which causes bad breath.

But you know what?

Regular use of dental floss eliminates food remains between the teeth.


So do not underestimate the importance of dental floss daily.

It strongly contributes to sanitize your mouth.

To do this, pass the dental floss between each tooth at the top and bottom of your jaw once a day.

And if you find flossing too difficult to use, there are even dental floss holders.

Admittedly, they are easier to use, but it is much more expensive and that makes too much plastic waste …


Fortunately, there are now rechargeable dental floss holders like this.


5. I use mint strips on the tongue

Most people use peppermint chewing gum to freshen their breath.

This is the case when you cannot rinse your mouth or brush your teeth.

Except that the effect is only temporary and chewing gum is often sweet!

But, good news, I have found a more effective alternative.

Instead of having mint chewing gum, I take strips of fresh mint.

They dissolve faster and contain less sugar (which reduces the risk of cavities).


These bands give fresh breath that lasts much longer.

So, of course, it’s not much more natural than chewing gum, but it’s much more effective.

6. I eat these foods that fight bad breath

Did you know that certain foods help fight bad breath?

This is the case with green tea which has strong antibacterial properties.

It therefore effectively eliminates bad mouth odors.

The essential oils in cinnamon also kill bacteria of all kinds.


Add it to your morning toast or oatmeal.

Or, put a stick of Cannell e to flavor your tea.

Eat crunchy fruits and vegetables, too.

Celery or apples, for example, offer a double advantage.

Chewing these foods increases the production of saliva.

But in addition, their firm texture helps eliminate bacteria.


Melons, oranges, and berries also contribute.

Some natural ingredients can also be chewed to fight bad breath.

There are, for example, anise seeds.

Take a few after each meal, it also helps digestion.

Cardamom, fennel, or even dill mask bad smells.

Taking 1 clove is also enough to cleanse the mouth in an instant.


A herb widely used in restaurants, parsley also fights bad breath.

Conversely, be aware that eating certain foods causes bad breath.

Well, we can counter this effect by eating other foods at the same time!

For example, drinking a glass of milk helps counter the garlic breath.

Milk is therefore an ideal liquid to neutralize these odors, especially whole milk.

Another example with red wine which often leaves bad breath.


An apple or a lemon wedge (rub on the teeth) and the smell of wine disappear.

How do you know if you have bad breath?

Bad breath is a real nuisance daily.

It is therefore important to check if you have halitosis before someone tells you!

The first thing to know: bad breath often comes from the tongue.

This is therefore the first point to check.

Regarding visual inspection, the tongue must be pink and shiny, a guarantee of a healthy mouth.


Conversely, if it is white and scaly, it is a bad sign.

This is where you need to check whether you have bad breath or not.

The easiest way to find out is to take the spoon test.

Lick the back of a spoon with your tongue, let it dry for a few moments, then smell it.

The smell of the surface is your smell when you speak!

You are therefore quickly fixed with this method.


Oh yes, an important thing to know when testing your breath.

The hands are in the shape of a suction cup method and I blow in it, it does not work!

Instead, lick the back of your hand and let it dry for a few seconds.

Smell the surface to see if you need a mouthwash soon.


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