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5 Benefits of truffles and side effects

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Discover the 5 shocking health benefits of truffles and side effects.

Although truffles are very expensive, there are now many more reasons to eat them other than the truth that it is very exciting to eat a delicacy.

One of these reasons is that those who consume them can access a series of benefits of truffles for general health care.

Over the years, disputes have been chasing the health and nutritional value benefits of truffles and mushrooms, in general.

People say that edible mushrooms like truffles have no nutritional value and are used only to add flavor to a selection of staple dishes.

However, more recent reports show that truffles and various types of mushrooms can provide a host of health benefits, especially for vegetarians, people who don’t eat meat and only eat vegetables.

Technically, truffles are mushrooms that do not have stems and are generally found underground, especially of oaks, pines, beech, and pecans, mainly in Europe, including various parts of Italy, France, Slovenia, and Croatia.

In Asia, some varieties are found in China along with the Middle East, while there are also some types native to North Africa.


Until now, truffles are used only in the culinary field, as the main ingredient in various dishes or as flavorings and garnishes for different specialties.

The most common gourmet edible truffles used in various restaurants include French black truffles, Italian white truffles, Chinese truffles, and summer truffles.

5 shocking health benefits of truffles


Health benefits of truffles

If you like to eat truffles and mushrooms in general, here are some of the health benefits you can expect:

• Lower cholesterol levels

• Stimulate sexual health and desire

• Manage corneal infections

• Reduce oxidative stress


• Prevent atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease

• Improves cognition and prevents dementia

• Eliminate symptoms of depression

• Slow down the aging process

• Support immune system with antimicrobial properties

• An aphrodisiac

• Prevent cancer

• Treat trachoma and other eye infections


1.- They are good for vegetarians.

Truffles contain a large amount of protein and are very good for vegetarians.

Protein can range from 20 to 30 percent per cup; animal protein contains all the essential amino acids in the correct proportions.

It is important for muscle mass and bone health; vegans don’t get any animal protein so truffles might help here.

People who follow a vegetarian diet and especially a vegan diet may be at risk of being insufficient in protein.

Vegans may also need fortified foods, including some types of soy milk, rice milk, organic orange juice, and breakfast cereals. Other foods that have protein are tofu, fish, beans, hummus, nuts, and lentils.

2.- They are low in carbohydrates.

Looking for a low-carb ingredient? Truffle Benefits have 2 grams of carbohydrates and have 80.1 calories per serving (0.25).

The main carbohydrates are derived from ‘glycogen and chitin or also called cellulose fungus, which is a functional defender of the fungal cell wall.

However, compared to other vegetables, truffles have a lower proportion of carbohydrates, ”found


This is good for diabetics, who should watch out for those starchy vegetables; Corn, beans, peas, potatoes, sweet potatoes, and winter squash are vegetables that are high in starch.

3.- They are rich in fiber.

Truffles also contain up to 20 grams of fiber in one cup! Adults require a total of 25 to 38 grams of fiber a day to keep the body healthy.

There are two different types of soluble and insoluble fiber, each type of fiber helps your body in different ways, so a normal healthy diet should include both types.

Truffles are a soluble fiber that will aid in digestion; soluble fiber dissolves in water to form a gel-like material and can help lower blood glucose and cholesterol levels.

Soluble fiber is found in oats, peas, beans, apples, citrus fruits, carrots, and barley. However, insoluble fiber is not absorbed or dissolved in water and has less impact on the body.


4.- Benefits of truffles for cholesterol

High cholesterol has been linked to peripheral arterial disease, a disease of the blood vessels outside the heart and brain.

Cholesterol is also associated with an elevated risk of cardiovascular disease, which can include coronary heart disease, stroke, and peripheral vascular disease, and has been linked to diabetes and high blood pressure.

Eating a low-cholesterol diet may lower your risks. Since truffles are cholesterol-free foods, they might help.


5.- They have vitamin D

Until now, some cultures would still use mushroom extracts as components for soups and teas to boost the immune system.

The benefits of truffles are also said to reduce the risks of cancer and heart disease, there is more, as truffles are a good source of vitamin D as they produce vitamin D when exposed to sunlight like us.

Research showed that teens and adults in the US are deficient in vitamin D; Hispanics and African Americans were the most deficient.

Lack of vitamin D can cause kidney disease, cancer, and rheumatoid arthritis. Truffles are also a good source of vitamins B and C.

Considerations about the benefits of truffles

• It is a good source of high protein. Truffle benefits are high in protein ranging from 20 to 30 percent for each serving.

Experts say that truffles are excellent sources of high protein content which is very ideal because they contain all the amino acids necessary for good nutrition for humans.

For people who do not consume fat or carbohydrates, especially people who consume Western diets, truffles are ideal as they are a fantastic source of protein.


• It is also a moderate source of carbohydrates. The main element of the benefits of truffles and mushrooms, in general, are carbohydrates derived from glycogen and chitin or also called cellulose fungi, which are functional defenders of the fungal cell wall.

However, compared to other vegetables, truffles have lower proportions of carbohydrates. This is also very good for people suffering from diabetes because truffles have a low energy value.

• It is low in fat. As it is vegetable, truffles are ideal for people who cannot and do not want to consume too much fat.

When dried, it is only two to eight percent fat, which is mostly crude fats and lipid compounds, such as fatty acids, sterols, phospholipids, glycerides, and linoleic acid.

• It does not contain cholesterol.  This is probably the biggest health benefit of truffles.

Over the years, cholesterol has been thought to be one of the risk aspects of coronary heart disease and other associated diseases.

If you are prone to a stroke or heart attack or if you have a family history of any heart symptoms, it would be great to eat cholesterol-free foods, such as truffles, to help lower your total cholesterol levels.

As you can see, there are many benefits of truffles, however, there are false truffles on the market, so be careful.


For example, if there are truffles on your pizza or other food where you paid little, it is probably not a true truffle, the same goes for truffle oils that are on the market.

We don’t know too much about truffles, but as it becomes more widespread, we may find that they can support our health.

What is a truffle?

Truffles are an underground fungus of the genus  Tuber, many of which are extremely valuable for their powerful flavor and culinary applications.

Although not everyone enjoys mushrooms, truffles have a unique and delicious taste and are particularly well represented in French cuisine.

Most varieties of truffles form a symbiotic relationship with certain types of trees, ranging from oak and hazelnut to pecan and beech.

Truffles are also some of the most expensive foods in the world, costing hundreds or even thousands of dollars per kilogram.

Truffles are priced so high because they don’t keep well for long after they are dug up, and they are difficult to grow.

Specially trained dogs or pigs must often be used to sniff out truffles underground. The growing season for these mushrooms is also relatively short, only 3-4 months long, which may explain the high price.


Some of the various types of truffles include black truffles, garlic truffles, summer truffles, and white truffles, the latter being the most prized and expensive of all.

How to use truffles

There are many wonderful ways to use truffles, such as the following:

• Creating truffle oil as an unforgettable drizzle or dressing

• Distill your vodka

• Make butter, honey, and various other sauces

Due to the exorbitant price, however, it is always recommended to use truffles in moderation. The potent flavor is enough to dominate a dish when used in excess.

Nutrition facts of truffle

In terms of nutrition, these mushrooms offer dietary fiber, as well as magnesium, iron, and calcium.

There is no fat and it is low in carbohydrates; vitamin D is also found in these mushrooms.


However, since such a small amount of these mushrooms is used in most dishes, they are not commonly eaten for their nutritional value or density.

Side effects of truffle

Currently, there isn’t sufficient credible information available on the side effects of truffle.


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