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25 shocking health benefits of Chayote

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Discover the 25 shocking health benefits of Chayote.

Chayote or Siamese squash is a type of vegetable widely consumed by the people of Indonesia.

In the Java region, chayote is better known as Jepang, while in the pumpkin world it is called chayote.

Chayote itself is not native to Indonesia. As its name implies, the Siamese squash comes from the Siam region, that is, Thailand.


This vegetable has a very high water content, this vegetable has a very fresh flavor. That is why many people are very fond of these vegetables with basic ingredients.

Chayote is pear-shaped but has a green color. Some studies have found that chayote is a green vegetable that has many nutrients that the body needs.

Even a study conducted by the University of North Florida, USA, found that chayote contained many vitamins. Chayote is also a very low-calorie, high fiber, mineral-rich vegetable.


Nutritional value of Chayote

Chayote is a vegetable that belongs to the cucurbit family and is still a family with cucumber and squash.

The scientific name for the pumpkin is Sechium Module.

Regarding the content of nutrients that pumpkin contains, it is as follows: In every 100 grams, it contains:


Energy 19 Kcal <1%

Carbohydrates 4.51 g 3.5%

Protein 0.82 g 1.5%

Total fat 0.13 g <1%


Cholesterol 0mg 0%

Fibers 1.7 g 4.5%


Folate 93 μg 23%


Niacin 0.470 mg 3%

Pantothenic acid 0.249 mg 5%

Pyridoxine 0.076 mg 6%

Riboflavin 0.029 mg 2%


Thiamine 0.025 mg 2%

Vitamin A 0 IU 0%

Vitamin C 7.7 mg 13%

Vitamin E 0.12 mg <1%


Vitamin K 4.1 μg 4%


Sodium 2 mg <1%

Potassium 125mg 2.5%



Calcium 17 mg 1.7%

Iron 0.34mg 4%

Magnesium 12 mg 3%


Manganese 0.189 mg 8%

Phosphorus 18 mg 2.5%

Selenium 0.2 μg <1%

Zinc 0.74 mg 7%


15 Health Benefits of Chayote that will change your life

The health benefits of chayote are enough to prevent disease until it helps with the diet.

This tree is a type of vine that has vines that will grow into the fruit chayote growth.

Siamese squash can grow in moist but not muddy soil and does not contain water.

Chayote squash can be harvested after 30 years of planting, fast enough. Here are some health benefits of chayote squash:


1.- Helps to lose weight

• Chayota, like other squash, is a vegetable that contains very few calories.

• Siamese squash contains only 16 calories in every 100 grams.

• Also, as you can see from the nutritional content table above, chayote does not contain any saturated fat or cholesterol at all.

• Chayote also contains a high enough fiber.


• Therefore, it is these factors that make Siamese squash a recommended food for those who are trying to lose weight.

2.- Prevents diseases during pregnancy

• Chayote is a vegetable that also has a B complex content that is good enough for folate.

• Folate content of 93μg in 100 grams of chayote or equivalent to 23% of the recommended folate.


• Folate itself is necessary for the process of cell division, so in pregnant women, folic acid helps the growth of the fetus and prevents the baby from having neurological defects.

3.- Helps reduce cholesterol

• In the table of nutrient content, chayote does not contain saturated fat, even for its caloric content only in small amounts.

• Based on these factors, chayote can be used to control high cholesterol levels.


• And very good for the consumption of people with high cholesterol.


4.- Prevents cancer

• Inside the chayote, there is antioxidant content of apigenin and luteolin.

• Two types of antioxidants are useful to fight and eliminate free radicals, which are the cause of cancer in our body.

5.- Provides energy

• Siamese squash is also known to contain potassium, which is a type of electrolyte that is useful as an energy source for our body.

• The potassium content in this Siamese squash is up to 125 mg per 100 grams.


6.- Prevents premature aging

• Chayote is a vegetable with flavonoid content that is good enough.

• The flavonoids in Siamese squash (Chayote) can help the body fight harmful substances such as reactive oxygen species (ROS), a substance derived from oxygen but which is reactive and can be harmful to the body, and free radicals cause aging premature and other dangerous diseases.

7.- Source of antioxidants

• Chayote contains approximately 7.7 mg of vitamin C.

• Vitamin C itself is one of the antioxidants that can help prevent cell damage or prevent free radicals from entering the body.


• By consuming 100 grams of pumpkin, you will meet approximately 13 percent of the total recommended body requirement for vitamin C each day.

8.- Treatment of kidney stones

• Siamese squash, especially the leaves, can be used in the treatment of kidney stones.

• This is as revealed in the results of a study conducted at the University of North Florida.

• Furthermore, chayote leaves are also helpful in reducing high blood pressure.


9.- Prevents constipation

• By adding chayote to the food menu, this means that we also add the fiber intake that our body needs.

• Fiber will help the digestion process in the body, so it can prevent constipation.

10.- Lowers high blood pressure

• Eating chayote is believed to reduce high blood pressure.

• This has been proven by a study conducted at Purdue University.


• In the study, chayote is used as a tea or consumed in the form of drinks, and the results showed that it reduces blood pressure.

11.- Flatulence treatment

• Chayote is also useful for treating stomach disorders. For example, if you are experiencing flatulence, drink tea mixed with slices of chayote meat.

• This is because chayote contains elements that are included in a diuretic substance that is useful for treating flatulence.

12.- Prevents heart disease

• Siamese squash contains many essential vitamins that are very helpful for the health of the body.


• One of them is vitamin C, which is more or less in chayote.

• As an antioxidant, vitamin C can prevent the appearance of diseases caused by free radicals, such as heart disease.

13.- As a source of various minerals

• Various minerals such as potassium, iron, phosphorus, and other minerals are necessary to maintain the immune system, maintain strength and bone and dental density, maintain metabolic health.

• And, the various minerals are also found within the chayote.


14.- Prevents anemia

• Vitamin B2 and iron deficiency can cause a person to have a red blood deficiency or anemia.

• Siamese squash contains two elements that can stimulate the body’s production of red blood cells and hemoglobin, to prevent anemia.

15.- Reduces the risk of stroke

According to the study, excessive amounts of homocysteine in the blood will increase the risk of stroke to heart disease.

Chayote can be a good source of folic acid for the body and help stabilize homocysteine in the blood.


How to prepare the chayote

• Outside, chayote is generally used as a drink or salad mix.

• But it is not uncommon, in Indonesia only chayote is used as a variety of cuisine that is very tempting, from starting as a mix of ingredients to making Indonesian food or traditional Indonesian food or even other dishes.

If you want to cook chayote, this is one of the recipe recommendations that you can easily practice at home:


• Prepare a piece of chayote. Then, wash the chayote and peel it.

• Cut the squash into an elongated shape, small in size with matches. Then drain.

• Prepare 150 grams of shrimp. Wash the shrimp clean, then clean the shrimp shells as well. It can be cut or adjusted to taste.

• For the dressing, prepare the red pepper for the hot taste and the amount can be adjusted to your liking.


• Also prepare the garlic and onion in two pieces for each.

• Other ingredients for herbs are hazelnut, salam, turmeric, galangal, sugar, and salt.

• Then, mash all the spices that were prepared earlier.

• How to cook it by stirring the spices that have been crushed before. After the seasoning drizzles the fragrant aroma, toss in the chayote squash and shrimp.


• The last step, put the liquid coconut milk in the dressing, shrimp, and squash.

• Wait until it boils and the squash and shrimp are cooked.

• Serving the pumpkin can be accompanied with a long rice cake that is usually called lontong.

• You can also use chayote to get its health benefits when making chayote juice.


• Drinking chayote juice at least twice a week can help reduce high blood pressure.

Chayote side effects

• Basically, consuming chayote in a reasonable dosage will not cause any health side effects.

• However, there is one thing you should watch out for when peeling the chayote.

• In chayote, if you peel the chayote, in the peeling process it will emit a light-colored sage that can cause itching and hands or fingers holding the chayote that has been peeled and may even feel numb.


• This happens because the sap of the pumpkin contains a type of substance that is anesthetic.

• The effects that are felt from peeling or holding the pumpkin are only temporary, so there is no need to worry. Wash your hands well to alleviate the effect.

• In addition to the information, it can cause side effects if interactions with certain drugs such as aspirin and medications are used in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

• The benefits of chayote can be used as a vegetable for daily consumption.


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