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20 health benefits of snake fruit and side effects

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Discover the 20 shocking health benefits of snake fruit or salak fruit and side effects.

The snake fruit originally comes from a species of palm native to Java and Sumatra in Indonesia. Usually called   Salak as similar to its Latin name Salacca zalacca.

Also, this fruit that belongs to the Arecaceae family is grown and produced largely in Southeast Asia.

For physical characteristics, it has scaly and spiny skin like a cactus.
Also, the taste is so juicy and has a kind of tart taste like pineapple, but at the same time, it also gives it a spectacular sweet taste.

Not only for giving it a delicious flavor, but it is also a good source of nutrients. Then here we list the nutritional value of snake fruit below.


Nutrition facts of snake fruit

Information Amount per 100g%


368mg 1%


0 mg 0%



0 mg 0%


0 g 0%


0.8 g 2%

Vitamin C 14%


Calcium 3.8%

Vitamin B2 0.2 mg

Iron 21.7%

Phosphorus 1.8%

Vitamin D 0%

Health benefits of snake fruit


1.- Source of vitamin C

• The nutritional content that snake fruit provides is the presence of a good amount of vitamin C.

• Due to the information provided in the table, if you consume 100 grams of snake fruit, it will give you 14% of the daily value of vitamin C needed.

• So, if you want to meet your body’s needs for vitamin C, try eating snake fruits along with other types of vitamin C foods to help.

2.- Benefits of snake fruit for anemia

• Also, as shown in the table, snake fruit contains a good amount of iron.

• On the other hand, if you have a lack of iron intake, it will lead to chronic fatigue and even anemia.

• Therefore, get to eat this tasty fruit to prevent certain diseases as well.


3.- Without cholesterol

• From now on, say no to the presence of cholesterol.

• Because snake fruit does not contain cholesterol inside, it is good for those who want to prevent certain diseases such as heart attacks.

4.- Benefits of snake fruit for  bone

• Surprisingly, the snake fruit is having a good source of calcium.

• Not only milk which is playing a role in promoting bone health but also snake fruit is very important in strengthening bone density.

5.- Benefits of salak for hormonal imbalance

• What are the benefits of phosphorus in our body? Well, it plays an important role in improving the health of our body.

• As a matter of fact, it promotes protein formation, hormonal balance, and the cell repair process.


6.- Promotes proteins

• To promote protein needs in our body, you may have to consume cheese, eggs, whey protein, beef, and salmon as well.

• However, it is known that snake fruit also helps you get the amount of protein it contains.

• With the large consumption of protein foods, they will help you build muscle mass, support neurological function, and also renew the cells of the body.

7.- It acts as an antioxidant

• It’s great to know that snake fruit contains beta-carotene which helps prevent certain diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, stroke, and even cancer.

• On the other hand, it acts as a powerful antioxidant that works 5 times better compared to other antioxidant source foods such as watermelon and mango.

8.- Benefits of snake fruit for weight loss

• There is good news for you who want to lose weight by consuming delicious food to eat as a diet menu.


• There, the snake fruit is ready for you.

• This fruit helps you control your weight as it has a good amount of nutrients.

• In addition, the presence of carbohydrates and calcium content helps to increase endurance during the diet.

• So, you can simply eat this fruit in the morning.

• It has a sweet and sour taste and is delicious.

• However, snake fruit can be difficult to find in America and Europe, but it is still worth a try.


• Therefore, you can travel to Southeast Asia to find this great snake fruit.

9.- An option to eat

• This is one of the best health benefits of salak that is so impressive.

• If you get bored with the sweet taste of various fruits in there, you may have to eat snake fruit as an option.

• It is not only because of the unique and delicious taste, but it also helps to improve and maintain the health of the body.

10.- Benefits of snake fruit for eyes

• Since snake fruit contains beta carotene composition inside, it will help you to have natural eye medicine.

• As research shows, it keeps the eye health due to the presence of beta carotene.


• So, it is better to consume both snake fruit and carrot to have a good vision.

11.- Benefits of snake fruit for night blindness

• As described, the vitamin A contained in snake fruit helps you have good vision.

• Therefore, it also improves the eyes to see in light and dark conditions.

• So if you want to prevent night blindness, try to consume these types of delicious fruits well.

12.- Promotes the muscle of the body

• As described in # 7, with the good amount of protein contained in snake fruit.

• It provides the function of promoting our body muscle.


• Then, by exercising regularly, the muscle in your body will have a healthier body shape than before.

13.- Increase memory

• The presence of potassium and pectin in snake fruit helps improve brain functions, such as memory and cognitive functions.

• To be sure, snake fruits are often called “memory fruit.”

14.- Benefits of salak fruit for diarrhea

• Due to the presence of good snake fruit nutrients.

• It helps you avoid diarrhea and also prevents constipation.

15.- Benefits of snake fruit for diabetes

• Pterostilbene, which is present in the composition of snake fruit, can help you lower blood glucose.


• Furthermore, a tea made from snake fruit skin is also known to help regenerate the pancreas cell.

• As a result, it helps control diabetes.

16.- Promotes cardiovascular health

• The potassium, antioxidants, and minerals in snake fruit give you the best benefits.

• One of them is its ability to help regulate water in the body.

• Plus, it also helps promote heart health.

• So, consume this snake fruit to make sure you have a good and healthy life.


17.- Improves resistance

• The presence of potassium and protein contained in snake fruit is related to the benefit that it helps to improve endurance.

• Consequently, the more you eat snake fruit, the more your body will refill with energy for daily work.

18.- Benefits of snake fruit for pregnancy

• To have a good pregnancy, a mother can choose the food that has the best nutrition in it.

• In fact, all the efforts he made were for the beautiful baby.

• As a result, consuming snake fruits for pregnant women can help reduce morning sickness of pregnancy.

• But remember to eat this type of fruit correctly to get the best benefit.


19.- Promotes the general health of the body

• As explained above, in fact, snake fruit is beneficial in maintaining the health of our bodies.

• The presence of the best-contained nutrients promotes bodily functions.

• In addition, it prevents certain diseases and prevents the body from suffering harmful damage.

• Therefore, choosing to eat snake fruit has never gone wrong.

20.- Benefits of snake fruit for skin

• It is recommended to have good skin by simply eating the snake fruit regularly.

• It is a natural way to achieve beautiful and healthy skin.


• On the other hand, the antioxidants it contains can prevent the negative effects of free radicals that will be harmful to the skin.

• In addition, vitamin C also participates in the maintenance of youthful skin.

Tips for use of snake fruit

• Before eating snake fruit, peel off the scaly brown skin and remove the white coating film as well. So, eat it as fresh fruit or as your daily snake

• Second, it’s a good idea to make snake fruits into tarts, jams, fruit pickles, and even syrups like other menu options.

• For pickle recipe tips, dip the snake fruit in the water solution and wait 1 hour for the process to work. Then wash and drain it. Add the vinegar and salt and let them sit for a few nights. So your delicious pickles are ready to be enjoyed.


• To conclude, having snake fruit is a good option for those who want to meet the nutrients that the body needs.

Also, the taste of snake fruit can delight your life as well.

Then eat it properly with an ideal amount of the usual consumption to get the health benefits of the snake fruit. Eat happily and always be healthy

Side effects snake fruit

Eating snake fruit is safe. There is not enough data on the side effects of snake fruit.


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