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20 benefits of milk thistle tea and side effects

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Discover the 20 shocking health benefits of milk thistle tea and side effects.

Milk thistle tea is made from the powdered seeds of the milk thistle plant, which has the scientific name Silybum Marianum.

The name “milk thistle” comes from the milky substance that comes out when it destroys the flowers of this plant.

The plant comes from the Mediterranean region, so it is strong enough and can survive in temperate climates, which is why there are many of these plants around the world.

20 shocking health benefits of milk thistle tea


That is why we can easily find milk thistle tea and it becomes popular for health. So, here are the health benefits of milk thistle tea


Health Benefits Of Milk Thistle Tea

From the above nutrients, we can conclude that tea is very good for our body and mind.

These are some of the health benefits of milk thistle tea that we can obtain by consuming it:

1.- Benefits of milk thistle tea for Liver detoxification

The most important health benefits are to strengthen and disinfect the liver. It is known as a “liver tonic” for its ability to cultivate and support the heart.

It is beneficial for people who are experiencing liver diseases such as cirrhosis, jaundice, hepatitis, and gallbladder disorders.

The active ingredient in milk thistle is silymarin, which is directly related to the repair of liver cells and aids in the recovery of patients with liver diseases.

Silymarin is a strong antioxidant that defends, detoxifies, and treats oxidative damage to organs.


The body processes toxins through the liver. This organ absorbs bad things that enter the body.

However, repeated use of drugs, alcohol, pesticides, and even prescription toxin medications can make the liver slow, less effective, oily, and more damaged.

Milk thistle tea can be served as an excellent treatment to cleanse and detoxify the liver and improve its effectiveness.

2.- It acts as an anti-inflammatory

Milk thistle tea has several anti-inflammatory properties and ingredients.

They can alleviate the pain of gout, arthritis, joint disorders, stomach disorders, migraines, headaches, and many others.

3.- Benefits of milk thistle tea for cholesterol

Consuming this tea can lower blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and blood sugar levels which reduce stress and pressure on the cardiovascular system.


It can decrease the danger of atherosclerosis, diabetes, coronary heart disease, stroke.

Its extract contains omega-3 and high concentrations of fatty acids, which is important to defend heart health. Omega-3 fatty acids can stabilize cholesterol levels in the body.

4.- Milk thistle tea for weight loss

People who want to lose weight should drink milk thistle tea. It can suppress appetite and stimulate metabolism, helping people resist late-night snacking and increase passive fat burning.

5.- Combat digestive problems

Milk thistle tea can also help launch a healthier and more efficient digestive system.

If you suffer from bloating, constipation, cramps, or constipation, milk thistle tea can ease inflammation in intestinal tissues, optimize the digestive system, and ensure proper nutrient absorption is occurring.

It works as a laxative and not only helps to lubricate the intestines but also to eliminate food from the system. It can even help eliminate diseases such as hepatitis or cirrhosis.


6.- Detoxification of the body

In addition to improving the health and liver function of milk thistle, tea is very good for cleansing the body and reducing stress on the kidney system.

Milk thistle tea increases urination to support kidney and bladder health, and flush water, fat, salt, and excess toxins from the body.

Milk thistle is most commonly used as a detoxifying agent because the heart has a role in treating toxins in the body and neutralizing them.

However, several organic components in milk are very effective in cleansing the lymphatic system to keep the body healthy.

7.- Milk thistle tea for diabetes

Nature to regulate milk thistle tea property of blood sugar is especially important for diabetics.

It can increase insulin resistance, preventing a rise and fall in glucose levels after eating carbohydrates.


Milk thistle tea is also good for people who are at high risk of diabetes because it helps to effectively prevent the development of the disease.

The blend of antioxidants, fatty acids, and milk thistle extract silymarin in the tea is capable of regulating insulin levels and balancing blood sugar levels in the body for the range of people suffering from diabetes or at risk for it.

8.- Treat chronic diseases

Milk thistle tea can resist free radical activity in the body and oxidative stress. Very high content of antioxidants improves health throughout the body, inevitable in chronic diseases, and could even slow the aging process.

9.- Take care of the health of your liver

When liver disease or cirrhosis affects the patient, the liver is a difficult compromise with the body and leads to the suffering of the body.

From the above, we can conclude that liver damage is a slow process.

The milky tea extract can help stimulate the healing process in the liver. It removes a large amount of damage due to excessive alcohol consumption or other actions that damage the liver.


10.- Milk thistle tea for cancer

Although the research on the health benefits of milk thistle tea in curing cancer is still in the early stages, it appears that the tea has inhibitory effects on the growth of cancer cells and skin tumors and may also help prevent cancer growth in the breast, prostate, and cervix.

Due to these effects, milk thistle extract can be used as an alternative option for medical treatment.

11.- Relieves discomfort caused by fungi

Some researchers show that fungal infections can be eliminated through milk thistle tea, which is why it is associated with the traditional use of milk thistle tea as a remedy for fungal poisoning.


Many types of mushrooms are dangerous because they are highly toxic and cause death, but milk thistle tea can be given to neutralize and prevent death.

11.- Stimulates cognitive intelligence

The relatively new research tested on milk thistle tea shows that milk thistle tea extract uses can stimulate cognitive intelligence and open up new neural pathways that are very effective in slowing down disease affected by dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

12.- Help prevent gallstones

As the main digestive organs, the liver helps the process of the influx of nutrients and toxins into our bodies through water, food, and air.


The heart and other organs such as the kidneys, gallbladder, pancreas, and intestines are working together to preserve liver health. It is also capable of preventing gallstones.

This tea can support the support system of the endocrine glands and gastrointestinal glands by helping the production of bile and enzymes and cleaning the blood. It can help purify metabolic waste from the body and regulate gallbladder function.

13.- Milk thistle tea  for kidney

The benefit is that it helps to eliminate the toxins that are in the bladder source of kidney disease and turn, prevents the formation of kidney stones and other kidney diseases.

14.- Helps control hormone production

Tea also serves to regulate and balance hormonal production. This is very useful when the person suffers from dysfunction in the reproductive system.

The menopause experienced by women can cause symptoms such as hot flashes, mood swings, and night sweats.

This can be caused by hormonal imbalances. The effects of the estrogen hormone contained in milky tea can make life easier for women and sleep soundly.


It has antioxidants that can help women suffering from menstrual dysfunction and reduce the effects of STDS related to hormonal problems. It is also useful for men.

The substance helps treat an enlarged prostate, known as benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), or treat infertility.

15.- Combat respiratory problems

Milk thistle tea is the drink that can help allergic breathing with intravenous infusion of allergy drugs.

It has some functions as an antihistamine, seasonal allergy relievers, fever reaction, and reduces headaches due to congestion and breathing difficulties.

When the weather is cold, milk thistle tea is also good for increasing perspiration and lowering fever. You can ease breathing difficulties by drinking it.

For asthmatics, milk thistle tea helps calm the spasmodic reaction and helps pave the way for smooth, easy, and quiet breathing.


16.- Reinforcement of the Immune System

It is rich in antioxidants and vitamins, so it can help boost the immune system, allowing faster recovery from various illnesses.

By drinking milk thistle, tea will help cleanse toxins and restore energy and vitality.

17.- Promote the health of your bones

It has a positive effect on bone health as it helps prevent bone loss and fracture healing. It helps prevent estrogen deficiencies that lead to bone loss.

18.- Benefits of milk thistle tea for skin

Phytochemicals contained in the silymarin of milk thistle tea, effective in inhibiting oxidative stress due to UV rays on the skin.

Tea is considered to be a powerful inhibitor of the rate of chemical reaction of free radicals in the body that exceed the capacity.

These substances with the help of UV rays can cause skin diseases like skin cancer. The silymarin found in it can reduce skin damage from radiation in patients undergoing cancer treatment.


Milk thistle tea precautions

We can see from above that milk thistle tea has many benefits for our life. However, some precautions apply to the following people.

1.- Patients with diabetes

The blood sugar lowering properties of milk thistle tea is very dangerous for diabetic patients already using blood-sugar-lowering drugs. Treatment with both can cause your blood sugar to drop to dangerous levels.

2.- Pregnant women

Drinking milk thistle tea during pregnancy and over-lactation can lead to miscarriage. Furthermore, it can also lead to a decrease in the effectiveness of breast milk.

3.- Boys and girls

We should not give milk thistle tea to children because there is no proof that it is completely safe. We can only give medicinal herbs to children under medical supervision.

4.- Drug interactions

Milk thistle tea has many active ingredients that can interact with various medications ranging from diabetes, hypertension, and liver disease.

Well, there are many health benefits of milk thistle tea for you. It has many natural sources that are good for the body, but also check the precautions before taking it.


Side effects of milk thistle tea

Possible side effects of milk thistle tea include stomach upset, nausea, and diarrhea.

Due to a lack of study on milk thistle tea use in people who are pregnant or breastfeeding, you should talk with a healthcare professional before trying it if you’re in either of those groups.

Milk thistle may lower blood sugar levels. So, if you have diabetes, you should be careful about consuming tea or supplements made from the plant.

Finally, if you have allergies to plants in the same family, such as ragweed, chrysanthemum, marigold, and daisy, you may be at risk of allergic reactions and should proceed with warning.

How to make milk thistle tea

Milk thistle tea can be found as a fresh or dried loose leaf tea (Buy it here). Use these tips to make the perfect cup of milk thistle tea.

1. Bring water to a boil and add milk thistle seeds, leaves, or tea bag.


2. Steep the milk thistle tea for 20 minutes.

3. Strain using a fine mesh strainer and add flavorings such as milk or honey. Enjoy!

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