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17 benefits of witch hazel with rose water and side effects

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Discover the 17 shocking health benefits of witch hazel with rose water and side effects.

Do you know witch hazel water? No doubt not …

Very popular with people suffering from heavy legs or hemorrhoids, this plant is a remedy with multiple benefits.

It is indeed extremely effective when it comes to treating skin problems, blood circulation, varicose veins, etc.17 shocking health benefits of witch hazel water


So, if you haven’t yet put this miracle product in your medicine cabinet, read on.

Discover the 17 benefits of witch hazel with rose water that no one knows about:

But what is the witch hazel flower anyway?

Before telling you why and how to use witch hazel, let’s see what it is in a few lines.


The witch hazel, or “witch hazel”, is a shrub originally from North America.

Its leaves and young stems have strong therapeutic powers.

Thanks to its astringent and anti-inflammatory properties, witch hazel, for example, very effectively treats disorders of the venous system.

Another appreciated virtue, that of being able to fight skin problems such as eczema, rosacea, and other skin infections.

Witch hazel is used alone or mixed with other substances to enhance its effects.

Liquid extract, mother tincture, and witch hazel hydrosol can be ingested (unless it is written that it is for cosmetic use).

Witch hazel water is intended for exclusive external use (like a cream).

After having read these few necessary information, let’s see what witch hazel brings us concretely.



1. Cleanses and tones the skin

Whether you have normal skin or oily skin, witch hazel water tones and deeply cleanses your face.

This water indeed contains antiseptic properties to purify the pores of the skin.

Just pour a few drops of the floral water on a cotton ball and apply it all over your face, not forgetting the neck.

For example, you can do this in the evening after removing makeup.

Your skin is then well cleansed and invigorated.

2. Controls excess sebum

The secretion of sebum is a natural phenomenon.

But when the glands produce large amounts of sebum, it results in a shiny face with noticeable pores and blackheads.

Fortunately, witch hazel is here to help.


This water will rebalance your skin, in particular the fatty areas of the face such as the forehead, nose, and chin.

Just spray witch hazel hydrosol morning and evening on well-cleansed skin to quickly see the effects.

Small point of vigilance, however.

We often make the mistake of believing that because the skin is oily, it should not be moisturized.

False; a good moisturizer should still be used to rebalance.

3. Fight against acne

Witch hazel is ideal for treating skin irritations, especially acne breakouts.

If you have too many buds, use witch hazel floral water directly on the affected areas.

Spray it on well-cleansed skin morning and evening.


4. Calms the irritations of shaving

No matter what areas you shave (chin, armpit, bikini line, legs, etc.), the razor can sometimes cause severe irritation.

Well, witch hazel calms these inflammations and stops the possible appearance of ingrown hairs or small pimples.

You only have to soak a cotton ball in the floral water and then apply it all over the irritated areas.

5. Relieves sunburn

Before giving you the tip to relieve sunburn, you must first do everything to avoid it!

But if the damage is done, you can rely on witch hazel to help soothe sunburn.

Its anti-inflammatory benefits give you an immediate feeling of freshness and make redness disappear.

You just have to spray the floral water on the painful areas 2-3 times a day and you’re done.

6. Treats insect bites

If you hear this noise right after seeing an insect take off from your arm, there’s a good chance you’ve been stung!


Immediately pass the witch hazel water on the button.

The soothing properties of this water reduce itching and the urge to scratch.

Spray the floral water on the itchy areas where you got bitten 2 to 3 times a day.

7. Calms itching

Have your calves brushed too closely against a tuft of nettles or a poisonous plant?

Beyond the itching it creates, serious allergic reactions can also emerge.

So if blisters or burns appear on your skin, apply a little witch hazel to deflate and relieve yourself.

8. Tightens the pores of the skin

The larger the pores of the skin, the more likely it is that blackheads will appear!

Treat the so-called “T” area of your face (forehead, nose, chin) with witch hazel.


Why? You will thus have a finer skin texture and tightened pores.

9. Reduces redness and rosacea

Witch hazel has properties called vasoconstrictor.

That is to say, it allows the blood vessels to be narrowed while giving them better elasticity.

This has the effect of reducing the redness of a tired or stressed face.

Its astringent and anti-inflammatory attributes also help stimulate microcirculation to reduce rosacea.

Spray the hydrosol or floral water directly on the face morning and evening.


Wait a few seconds for the product to dry.

If necessary, rub it with your fingers or pass a cotton pad (without rubbing) to remove the excess.


Note that hydrosol can have a drying effect.

Stop or use the floral water in this case.

10. Calms sensitive skin

Is your skin hypersensitive to various daily aggressions (household products, high temperature / too cold, etc.)?

Witch hazel helps you calm your skin.

Spray the product in the morning and evening to soothe your sensitive skin.

11. Reduces wrinkles

Recent studies have shown that taking witch hazel hydrosol reduces skin aging.

Its antioxidant properties reduce wrinkles that appear with age.

12. Treats eczema

Eczema is a very common skin disorder that causes redness, dander, and irritation.


But the main concern is that having eczema is very itchy!

Witch hazel water helps calm eczema, especially atopic eczema, which is very common in infants.

To do this, use witch hazel hydrosol in a lotion directly where there is eczema.

Its anti-inflammatory and soothing properties will effectively relieve redness and itching.


13. Fight against dandruff

Apply witch hazel water as a hair care or shampoo.

This prevents the appearance of scales responsible for dandruff.


14. Relieves heavy legs

The sensations of heavy legs come from different causes.

Bad venous capital, poor blood circulation, hereditary problems …


Regardless of the origin, it is very annoying daily.

This is particularly a real problem for women; it is estimated that nearly 70% of them feel this pain!

Fortunately, witch hazel helps relieve the feeling of heavy legs.

Several recipes may apply.

Put 1 tablespoon of dried witch hazel leaves in a cup and add hot water.

Leave to infuse for 10-15 minutes, cover, and drink 1 to 3 cups a day between meals.

You can also mix your infusion with red vine, yarrow, horse chestnut, or hazel leaves.

This even better fluidizes the venous return and alleviates pain.


Go to an herbalist’s store and ask for these ready-made decoctions.

These cures are to be initiated over twenty days 2 to 3 times a year as needed.

Finally, you can even make a remedy applicable to the skin.

Soak a strip of gauze with witch hazel hydrosol and place it on the painful area or spray directly on the area.

15. Make hemorrhoids disappear

Having hemorrhoids is never pleasant …

It hurts and it is very embarrassing daily.

To get rid of it, pour 1 teaspoon of witch hazel in a glass of water and drink the mixture 2-3 times a day.

You can also use the product directly on the skin.


Pour 50 to 100 ml of hydrosol in cold water and then do a sitz bath with it.


16. Stop diarrhea

Do you have diarrhea that makes your stomach ache?

In a glass of water, pour 1 teaspoon of witch hazel hydrosol.

Drink this solution 1 to 3 times a day for a maximum of 5 days.

If symptoms persist, see a doctor.

17. Regulates perspiration

Do you tend to sweat a lot?

Even when you’re not trying too hard?

Then witch hazel water is exactly what you need!


Why? Because it regulates excess sweating.

It works just as well under the armpits as it does on all other parts of the body!

You can use it in addition to your deodorant …

… or spray on areas where perspiration is heavy.

Where to find cheap witch hazel water?

Are you convinced of the benefits of witch hazel water?

You can find witch hazel water in all the good herbalists, but also on the Internet.

I recommend the one that I use every day for my skin.


No contraindication is known vis-à-vis witch hazel, especially when it is combined with drugs.


The whole family can take it, even if you avoid giving it to infants.

Rather rarely, some allergic skin reactions can appear as well as a little difficult digestion in some.

Space out the intakes or uses of witch hazel in these specific cases


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