17 Benefits of castor oil and side effects

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Discover the 17 benefits Of Castor Oil For Health, Hair, Skin and side effects.

Castor oil has been around for centuries and has been widely used for medicinal purposes in their native lands across Africa, the Indian subcontinent, and the Mediterranean basin.

The Egyptians were among the first to dive into the many uses and benefits of castor oil they used it as a powerful, natural remedy for irritated skin and eyes.

It has also been prized by Indians for its skin healing, excellent antibacterial and digestive calming potential.

Records show that long ago the plant was known as “Palma Christe” because the shape of the plant’s leaves was said to resemble the palm of Christ. In milder climates, this plant is often grown as an ornamental garden herb and is now grown for large-scale biodiesel manufacturing.

Healers around the world have used castor oil to treat a myriad of health conditions for thousands of years.


Throughout history, at the first sign of illness, parents would give their children castor oil, either topically or internally to enhance natural immune function and speed up the healing process.

Due to its high viscosity and lubricating properties, castor oil is one of the first vegetable oils to be used for industrial purposes.

It was also the inspiration for the name of the Castor automotive lubricant company. Castor oil has become popular for its ability to eliminate constipation, treat skin infections, and improve both the health and appearance of hair.

Based on research, castor oil is said to have additional and more essential applications for boosting immune function.

It can increase the number of white blood cells and T-11 cells, which are a type of special white blood cells that act as antibodies and are produced within the body’s lymphocytes, thus helping your body rid itself of viruses, bacteria, fungi, and cells. cancerous



Health benefits of castor oil

Ricinoleic acid, found in castor oil, is an unsaturated fatty acid that provides several healing benefits.

1.- Benefits of castor oil for nail fungus

Castor oil supports the body’s lymphatic system with its immune-enhancing effects.

The lymphatic system present throughout the body in tiny tubular structures works to absorb and remove excess waste materials, fluids, and proteins from our cells.

The lymph nodes within these tubes function as the body’s natural toxin filters. Also, when you are sick, these nodes extract antibodies to keep foreign bacteria or proteins in place.

If the lymphatic system is malfunctioning, you are at an increased risk of failure of many healthy cells, which can eventually lead to degeneration and destruction of organs.

Not only does the lymphatic system improve the function of the circulatory system, help establish defensive antibodies to the immune system, and remove toxic waste from your tissues, it also helps absorb fat molecules in the small intestine.


2.- Improves immune function

Other benefits of castor oil are reported to be improving blood flow, thymus gland health, lymphatic drainage, and other immune system functions.

Castor oil is also useful when it comes to the production of adequate levels of lymphocytes, which are transferred and stored in the lymphatic tissue.

The lymphatic system is also responsible for the proper function of the circulatory and digestive system because castor oil can help you detoxify, therefore increasing your heart health and treating digestive problems such as constipation.

Pancreatic enzymes hydrolyze castor oil in the small intestine, leading to the release of glycerol from ricinoleic acid, along with other beneficial metabolic compounds.

3.- Increase circulation

Adequate blood flow and immunity depend on each other. This means that someone is much more likely to become chronically ill when the lymphatic system fails, or edema develops.

The function of the circulatory system is to pump blood from the heart, where it releases oxygen throughout your body through tiny vessels and small arteries.


Blood exchanges oxygen and nutrients for cellular waste within microscopic tubular structures in the lungs.

This process is essential because it keeps us alive, brings oxygen to our cells, and detoxifies our bodies.

When absorbed through the skin, castor oil increases both lymphatic drainage and blood circulation.

4.- Benefits of castor oil for digestion

Enter the properties of the castor oil is known as a potent cathartic, meaning that stimulates the full release of substances from the gastrointestinal tract and ultimately promotes defecation.

However, when absorbed through the skin, the oil can provide the same therapeutic properties.

Applying castor oil to the abdominal region can help you achieve regular bowel movements, which will lead to increased energy.


The scientists found a correlation between this laxative effect and depression because the removal of infectious agents from the lining of the intestine has been found to alleviate the symptoms of depression.

5.- Balances hormones and improves libido

The formation of healthy hormones is highly dependent on the absorption of fat molecules in the digestive tract.

Castor oil enhances this function, making it possible to balance hormones naturally.

Also, better hormonal flow, along with decreased floating toxins present in and around cells, makes the sex organ system work more efficiently. This relieves the symptoms of menopause, mood swings, fatigue, and depression.

6.- Induce labor

In ancient times, they took much d the castor oil that was used as a natural remedy to help pregnant women to induce labor. Today, these alternative methods are backed by science.

A group of researchers from Australia and New Zealand carried out a study in 2009 to evaluate the efficacy and safety of castor oil in the delivery of pregnant women.


The findings suggest that castor oil had no side effects that affected labor induction. It has been given by mouth to pregnant women for centuries to help speed up uterine contractions.

7.- Benefits of castor oil for arthritis

Castor oil is often taken as a natural treatment for inflammation, joint swelling, and arthritis pain, due to its natural anti-inflammatory properties, it can be used as an ideal massage oil and applied to sore muscles. , joints or tissue.

Use castor oil followed by some hot water to increase absorption and drainage by massaging sore areas. If you practice this process twice a week, it will ease the symptoms.

The castor operates similar to coconut oil to cure skin so as acts as a natural antibacterial agent. It is also a good skin moisturizer, treats blemishes due to its anti-inflammatory properties, and can delay signs of aging such as wrinkles.

8.- Treats skin infections and wounds

The benefits of castor oil for the health of your skin are a good reflection of how healthy your immune system, gut, and hormonal balance are.

If you use store-bought skincare products, know that your skin will be loaded with chemical ingredients, which generally make skin irritation worse.


On the other hand, the use of castor oil is synthetic and natural, your body absorbs it directly through the skin, which will lead to positive results for the appearance of the skin.

First of all, as we have already mentioned, castor oil promotes increased circulation and blood flow, thus promoting better defense against infection and wound healing.

9.- Heals inflamed skin

Castor oil is beneficial in curing skin inflammation that can be caused by acne, sunburn, and dry skin. It contains healing properties, that is, it contains ricinoleic acid that helps with skin inflammation of all kinds.

10.- Fight against the signs of aging

Another of the properties of castor oil is that using it topically can help slow aging. When applied to the skin, castor oil penetrates deeply and promotes collagen and elastin production. In turn, this helps to smooth and hydrate the skin.

Not only will it delay the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, but it will also make your skin smoother, and look younger. Moreover, you can treat fine lines around the eyes by applying them regularly.

11.- Benefits of castor oil for acne

Most people who have acne-prone skin should keep their skin away from most oils because their pores are susceptible to clogging, which only makes things worse, however, you can safely use castor oil to decrease the acne.


Ricinoleic acid, found in abundance in the oil, fights acne-causing bacteria and effectively penetrates the skin.

12.- Hydrates the skin

Castor oil leaves skin feeling soft and revitalized. For that reason, castor oil acts as a natural skin moisturizer as it contains fatty acids that easily penetrate the skin, thus helping to remove dry patches and restore skin hydration.

13.- Fade spots

You can use castor oil on fading spots and scars, although the results will not be visible overnight.

You need to apply it regularly to see clear results as it works slowly.

Due to the fatty acids found, they can penetrate deep into the scar tissue, thus removing dead cells and promoting the growth of healthy tissue. Therefore, your flaws will eventually disappear.


14.- Avoid stretch marks

Stretch marks generally occur after pregnancy when the skin on the abdomen undergoes a drastic stretch for a short period.

Enter the benefits of the castor oil have having fatty acids that can prevent striae when used topically for the final two months of pregnancy.

These acids play an important role because they can cause the skin to be more elastic, which prevents the formation of stretch marks.

15.- Reduces Pigmentation

Castor oil is very beneficial in cleaning your skin from marks. Due to its ability to reduce pigmentation, many dermatologists recommend using castor oil as a measure to counteract uneven skin tone, marks, and blemishes.

Castor oil is packed with fatty acids, especially omega-3 fatty acids. These acids hydrate the skin while promoting the growth of healthy tissues, giving you blemish-free and supple skin.

Castor oil has become a popular remedy for treating hair loss. Each month, her hair grows about a half-inch on average. You can increase hair growth at three to five times the usual rate with the regular use of castor oil.


Not only does it stimulate the increase in hair, but it also promotes hair thickness within a few months of use. Also, this oil can make the eyebrows and eyelashes thicker and longer.

16.- Benefits of castor oil for hair

Castor oil promotes hair growth by stimulating blood circulation to the follicles. It also contains omega-9 essential fatty acids that keep your hair healthy.

Additionally, it helps reduce split ends, control hair breakage, and condition and hydrate hair. It is recommended to massage your scalp with the oil and leave it to act for 15 minutes, then wash with shampoo and plenty of water.

17.- Treat scalp infections

Most major hair problems such as dandruff, baldness, itchy scalp, scalp infection can be solved if castor oil is applied. This oil is antifungal and antibacterial.  It can fight the microorganisms and pathogens that cause the infection.

Side effects of Castor oil

• Before using the full benefits of castor oil topically, do a skin test by applying a small amount of the oil to check for allergic reactions.

• One of the best-known side effects of using castor oil is its ability to cause strong pelvic contractions that can lead to premature birth or miscarriage.
Hence, pregnant ladies should never use castor oil internally unless specifically instructed by their physician.


• When taken internally, castor oil causes a very strong laxative effect. If you take an excessive dose of castor oil, this can result in severe dehydration, which can be fatal in extreme cases.

• Other possible side effects of an overdose include diarrhea, abdominal cramps, dizziness, fainting, hallucinations (rare), nausea, throat tightness, rash, chest pain, and shortness of breath.

• People with bleeding problems like peptic ulcers should not use castor oil internally.

• Lastly, be sure to keep castor oil out of the reach of children.

• And as always, consult with a medical professional if you have any concerns or questions about using this powerful, natural remedy.


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