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16 Benefits of passion fruit and side effects

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Discover the 16 shocking health benefits of passion fruit and side effects.

Passion fruit is a climbing shrub, native to Brazil, provided with tendrils, with alternate dark green leaves on the upper side and light green on the underside.

The flowers are large, up to 10 cm in diameter, fragrant and solitary, with the lacinia of the calyx in the shape of a lance iron.

16 shocking health benefits of passion fruits


The fruit is an edible berry that has an ovoid shape, orange color, and numerous seeds.

It grows in the mountains and is cultivated as an ornamental plant.


The infusion of the flowers is used in folk medicine for its sedative effects.

Passion fruit is a fruit that has nutritional and medicinal properties that significantly improve health.

Passion fruit provides the body with nutrients such as:

Vitamin A and C.

• Potassium

• Calcium


• Iron

• Fiber

• Carbohydrates

• Antioxidants

History of passion fruit

While the origin of the passion fruit plant is unknown, it is believed to be native to Brazil.

Today, passion fruit is grown almost everywhere in the tropics and is known by a variety of different names.


The common name is Maracujá in Brazil, Parcha in Venezuela, Lilikoi in Hawaii, and China or Parchita in Puerto Rico.

Types of passion fruit

The passion fruit is a member of the Passiflora and grows in a vine of up to 5 to 7 meters, with a lifespan of only 7-10 years.

There are more than five hundred cultivated types; however, there are two main types, purple and yellow, that are widely cultivated.

Some are sweeter than others, some are the size of an egg, and some are three times as large.

The skin is leathery and purple or yellow. The fruit contains a yellow, gelatinous pulp with a dispersion of edible black seeds.


Yellow passionfruits are generally larger than purple varieties, but purple is less acidic, rich in aroma and flavor, and has a higher proportion of juicy pulp.

The pulp of the fruit has a distinct aroma and has a slightly sweet taste.

In tropical countries, passion fruit is used mainly to make a smoothie.

In addition to its pleasant taste and appearance, the fruit is known for its various health benefits.

Nutrition data for passion fruit

Passion fruit is a fruit that has nutritional and medicinal properties that significantly improve health and is high in minerals, such as iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, copper, and is also high in vitamins A, C, B2, B3, B6, and folic acid.

It also contains a high amount of antioxidants that protect against cancer, aging, and inflammation. It contains a high amount of fiber that is effective in improving digestion.


Advantages of consuming passion fruit

The health benefits of passion fruits are numerous.

Its shell is hard and contains black seeds, and it is usually consumed in juices and desserts.

Therefore, to encourage you to include it in your diet, here are some of the advantages that this food offers:

1.- It has properties that help reduce muscle and headaches. Also, it relaxes the body fighting stress and insomnia.

2.- Eliminates coughs and respiratory problems that can be caused by asthma.


3.- Provides the body with vitamins A and C and the B complex, as well as potassium, phosphorus, and magnesium.

4.- It contains carbohydrates and sugars, which make it ideal for lifting your spirits and energy. It is also highly recommended for athletes.

5.- Its high fiber content makes it an excellent remedy for constipation, as it helps regulate digestion.

6.- It is ideal to include it in diets to lose weight and take care of the line.

7.- Helps to strengthen the immune system and prevent diseases such as flu or colds.

8.- It has antispasmodic effects, so it is perfect for controlling menstrual pain or even stomach or bronchial spasms.


9.- Its seeds have oil that helps to contribute to skincare. Besides, it works as an anti-inflammatory, protects, strengthens, hydrates, and clarifies it.

10.- It acts as a very effective treatment for the hair, giving it shine, avoiding fat in it, and promoting its growth.

Selection and storage of passion fruit

Passion fruit is available year-round in supermarkets in the United States.

In other parts of the world, its availability is seasonal and varies.

We must buy fruits that are ripe, plump, and heavy for their size.

Fruits with surface wrinkles are tastier and rich in sugar


Avoid overripe fruits. Abrasions and stains are common on the skin.

These small abrasions on the surface of the fruit generally do not influence the quality of the fruit.

The passion fruit should ripen at room temperature.

Refrigerate ripened fruit in a plastic bag for up to 1 week.

Also, passion fruit freezes well. It is enough to remove the pulp in a bowl, and freeze.

16 health benefits of passion fruit

The passion fruit is a very rich tropical fruit and its consumption has been popularizing for some time.


Here are the health benefits of passion fruit:

1.- Helps prevent cardiovascular diseases

Passion fruit, among other things, reduces vascular stress due to the flavonoid substances it has within its seeds.

When consumed in the form of tea, this property is better used.

2.- Helps fight free radicals

Its properties include its high values of vitamins A and C. Vitamin A is essential to eliminate radicals that damage the skin and other tissues.

3.- Benefits of passion fruit for digestion

Passion fruit seeds contain a large amount of fiber that directly helps the intestinal health of those who consume it.

This of course can alleviate constipation and even hemorrhoid problems.


4.- Promotes tissue repair

Vitamin C is responsible for restoring tissues, preventing diseases such as cardiovascular, bone, and cancer, as well as strengthening our immune system.

5.- Benefits of passion fruit for cancer

The passion fruit extract is usually responsible for this property since it can eradicate cancer cells, but this effect has only been proven in vitro experiments.

6.- Collaborate to strengthen the bones of the body

As already said, it prevents bone diseases thanks to its vitamin C content.

7.- Relieves asthma symptoms

Asthma can be treated with this fruit since its peel contains some substances that prevent coughing and also facilitate breathing in patients.

8.- Helps reduce bad cholesterol

It helps reduce cholesterol in the body and its fibers provide us with satiety, preventing us from overeating.

9.- Fight insomnia

Helps sleep because it has relaxing qualities


10.- Prevents respiratory diseases

When combined with medications, passion fruit strengthens the inhalation and exhalation action and prevents coughing caused by bronchial asthma.


11.- Benefits of passion fruit for weight loss

Passion fruit helps us lose weight, of course, it is very low in calories, only 97 in every 100 grams, it contains very little fat and sodium.

12.- Reduces the risk of degenerative disease

Thanks to its contribution of vitamins A, C, and antioxidants.

13.- Benefits of passion fruit for anemia

Its important iron content prevents anemia. Combined with other iron-rich vegetables such as broccoli, spinach, and beets, a vegetarian can obtain the iron necessary for the proper functioning of his body.

The vitamin C contained in passion fruit helps to better absorb iron in the blood.

14.- Helps prevent and combat constipation

By helping the intestinal tract, it prevents constipation and hemorrhoids, it also helps eliminate toxins from our body.


15.- Benefits of passion fruit for stress

A good glass of passion fruit juice helps to relax and calm the nerves thanks to its sedative effects.

By calming anxiety and nerves, it prevents hypertension and cardiovascular problems, promotes a relaxing and restorative rest, and prevents indigestion.

16.- Helps to recover after a physical activity

To recover after physical activity it is ideal because it is rich in carbohydrates and natural sugars.

The medicinal properties of the passion fruit are contained in the pulp of the passion fruit, which is why it is used to prepare juices, desserts, ice creams, jams, jellies, and salty foods as well.

It is worth incorporating passion fruit into our diet, even if it is an exotic fruit because it is very healthy.

In some countries, it is not so easy to find this fruit but little by little it becomes a rare fruit and it becomes more popular so it will appear on the shelves like any other fruit.


Passion fruit is recommended for athletes, pregnant and lactating women, children, and the elderly due to the nutritional contributions it provides to the body.

Passion fruit recipes

Wash the fruit in cold water and pat them dry with a soft cloth or paper. Cut the fruit lengthwise into two halves.

Then scoop out the juicy pulp with a spoon and discard the hard rind.

How to enjoy:

• Passion fruit can be enjoyed fresh, in fruit salads, with yogurt, in smoothies, and juices.

• They are used in the preparation of sauce, jellies, and syrups.

• And they are also used in various recipes such as passion fruit cream, ice cream, desserts, cakes, puddings, soufflé, and in many other ways.


1.- Mango smoothie with passion fruit.


• 1 cup mango

• 1/2 cup of the inside of the passion fruit including the seeds

• 1 cup freshly squeezed orange juice

• The water of 1 fresh coconut (use organic juice in a container, if fresh is not available)

• 1 teaspoon fresh vanilla (or 1 teaspoon fresh vanilla powder)



• Blend in a high-speed blender and serve.

• You can enjoy the flavors and healthy properties of this delicious shake at any time of the day

2.- Parchita hulls (passion fruit)

Ingredients for Parchita Helmets:

• 6 Patches

• 1.5 Cups of Water (360 Milliliters)

• 20 grams of sugar


• ½ Teaspoon of Clavitos

• ½ Teaspoon of Guayabitas or malaguetas


If you were wondering … How to make sweet passion fruit in syrup? You already got the answer, only in 4 steps … very easy!

a.- Wash the patches very well before cutting the outer skin.

Use a potato peeler or make a spiral cut on the skin with the knife to then remove all the pulp with the seeds and reserve.

When you have the helmets clean, remove the skin that protrudes from the inside, do it carefully so as not to break it. Reserve the helmets.


Recommendation: When you buy the patch it should have a smooth and not rough exterior.

Otherwise, the shells will not have the right texture or consistency.

b.- Empty the pulp into a strainer, to separate the fruit from the seeds, and place a bowl underneath.

Use a spoon to crush the contents until all the pulp is separated. Reserve the liquid obtained.

Recommendation: Another alternative is to use the blender and then strain.

C.- To continue with the preparation of our sweet passion fruit, place a saucepan with water and inside the shells too.


Bring to medium heat and wait for it to boil.

Make sure the hulls have enough space between them so they will cook well.

Apply medium heat and when boiling reduces the flame. Let cook for 30 minutes.

d.- Add the spices and the rest of the ingredients on the list into the saucepan with the pasta shells.

Wait about 10 more minutes and to finish, add the passion fruit juice.

Mix everything with a wooden spoon, stirring very carefully so as not to break the shells, and cook for 40 more minutes over low heat.


This passion fruit sweet is very aromatic … A true Caribbean delicacy!

When you take a bite, you will notice a smooth but firm texture. Its sweet but refreshing taste will enchant you.

The passion fruit shells can be accompanied with cream cheese or vanilla ice cream, just as it is done with the rich guava shells.

Taste this exquisite sweet and enjoy the benefits of passion fruit peel… all in one bite!

3.- Delicious passion fruit ice cream.


• 100 gr of sugar


• 250 milliliters of passion fruit concentrate

• 250 ml of heavy cream to beat

• 5 tablespoons of powdered milk

• 250 milliliters of water


a.- Put the pulp of 5 patches with the water in the blender to obtain the concentrate, pass it through a strainer, place it again in the blender with the sugar or honey and the powdered milk, let it beat for about 5 minutes way to take the air.

b.- This preparation is placed in a metal container in the refrigerator.


c.- Let cool for approximately 30 minutes.

d.- Freeze, stirring every 40 minutes in this way, the crystals that are formed are broken. Repeat this operation 3 or 4 times.

e.- In the last time it is mixed, the whipped cream previously assembled with the pulp of the 3 additional patches is incorporated, it can be done with the help of the blender, so it will grab more air and appear more creamy.

If you have the opportunity, also enjoy the beautiful flower that this vine produces.

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