16 health benefits of ajwa dates and side effects

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Discover the 16 health benefits of ajwa dates seeds and side effects.

The Ajwa date from the Medina region is particularly appreciated for its sweetness. It can be recognized by its dark brown color.

Authentic, they are grown and packaged at the source in Medina, Saudi Arabia.
It is also given many benefits, saying that it prevents certain diseases.

Generally, dates have the same nutrients. Only the amount of these nutrients is slightly different. The moisture level of dates is also an important factor in determining the quality of dates.


Thus, according to health experts, Ajwa dates contain many flavonoid glycosides which have antioxidant properties.

Beyond the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits, the sugar contained in these dates is only monosaccharides. Making the date beneficial for people with type 2 diabetes.

The  Ajwa dates  are cited repeatedly in the  hadith  : According to Saad ibn Abi Waqqass the Prophet (alayhi wasallam) said: “Whoever has lunch in the morning with seven  dates  of ‘Al’ Ajwa  ” nothing will harm him that day, neither poison nor witchcraft. ”

Types of ajwa dates

•Barhi: Highly seasonal and fragile, these yellow dates are often sold still attached to their branches. …
•Khudri: One of the most common varieties, these large, dark red dates have a sweet, flaky outer skin and a chewy flesh. …


Ajwa dates nutrition

Ajwa Dates (0.25 cup) comprises 30g total carbs, 27g net carbs, 0g fat, 1g protein, and 120 calories.

Health Benefits of ajwa dates seeds

We have selected 16 health benefits of ajwa dates seeds  that you will soon be able to do without.

Dates are found in date palms. In North Africa and the Middle East it is used in many dishes, dry or fresh.

In France, they are eaten rather dry. But we should eat it more often because these fruits are very rich in vitamins, fiber and antioxidants. Below are the miracles of ajwa dates:


1. Benefits of ajwa dates for blood pressure

The date is excellent for health because it is rich in fructose, dextrose, sucrose, maltose. Carbohydrates which are real sources of energy for the body.

These carbohydrates also make it possible to fight effectively against high blood pressure. In addition, it is low in fat. It hardly contains any.

2. Benefits of ajwa dates for constipation

As we know, eating foods rich in fiber is essential to stay healthy.

Dates help promote good digestion and fight temporary constipation. Foods high in fiber also help keep the intestines healthy.


3. Ajwa date is rich in trace elements

The date is also a source of trace elements. It indeed contains copper, zinc or iron.

We therefore recommend to people who suffer from anemia not to hesitate to consume it.

In 100 grams of dates, there is 0.90 g of iron, or the equivalent of 11% of the recommended daily intake.

4. Ajwa date is rich in amino acids

The date also contains amino acids like alanine, arginine, glycine, serine, or valine.


These amino acids have many benefits, such as reducing blood pressure or pain in the joints. They can also help increase muscle mass.

5. Ajwa date is rich in antioxidants

The date should also be consumed regularly because it is rich in antioxidants.

Carotenoids and phenolic compounds are very useful in fighting against the accumulation of fat in the body, especially in the arteries. Antioxidants also help fight cell aging.

6. Ajwa date is rich in minerals

It should not be forgotten that the date is also rich in minerals.


There are indeed potassium, magnesium, phosphorus or calcium in dates.

However, a diet rich in potassium reduces blood pressure as well as the risk of cerebrovascular accident (stroke).

7. Ajwa date for heart and brain health.

Dates should also be consumed for its vitamins. It is indeed in this fruit vitamins C, E, B2 and B3 as well as A1, B1, B5, B6 and K.

Vitamin B6 is for example known to improve brain performance. As for vitamin E, it can delay or prevent coronary heart disease.


8. Dates are rich in protein

The proteins present in the date make it an excellent fruit for the muscles and the bones and allow, moreover, to burn the fats.

Proteins also help regulate appetite . But a diet rich in protein must be accompanied by regular physical activity.

9. The date fights fatigue

Thanks to all these nutrients, the date will be excellent for fighting fatigue and for strengthening your immune system.

Eating dates before the onset of winter will therefore allow the body to better protect itself against external aggressions. It offers a real energy intake recommended for great athletes.


10. Benefits of ajwa dates for pregnancy

Last unsuspected benefit of the date: it reduces the pain of childbirth. This is what a study conducted by a team of researchers from the University of Jordan reveals.

According to these studies, a diet rich in dates would also reduce bleeding and better manage postpartum

11. Promote milk production

Ajwa dates increase breast milk in breastfeeding women.

They are useful for women who are breastfeeding because they help to enrich breast milk.


12. Benefits of ajwa dates for anemia

Another very important benefit of consuming Ajwa dates is that they have a high iron content.

Iron is essential for the production of red blood cells and these dates can also help treat and prevent anemia.

13. Benefits of ajwa dates for cancer

New research indicates that the Ajwa date of Medina contains active elements useful in the prevention of diseases like cancer.

The research was conducted at King Saud University (KSU), based in Riyadh, to discover the health benefits of these dates.


This research resulted in the fact that this fruit has anti-inflammatory properties equivalent to those of commercially available drugs. 

Like ibuprofen and aspirin.

The study found that the inhibition rate in Ajwa date was equal to that of commercially available antioxidant products.

14. Benefits of ajwa khajoor for bone

As people age and their bones weaken, maintaining a diet rich in calcium and phosphorus helps prevent unpleasant bone breakdown.


So, eating Ajwa dates regularly is a way to increase your calcium and phosphorus intake.

If you want to control your osteoporosis, you may want to take a precautionary measure against weakening bones and the problems it can cause by including these dates in your diet.

These fruits are incredibly high in selenium, manganese, copper, and magnesium, all of which are essential for healthy bones.

Experts agree that regular consumption of Ajwa dates may reduce the chances of developing osteoporosis later in life.


15. Benefits of ajwa dates for infertility

Yes, Ajwa sacred dates can treat infertility!

Especially in couples whose medical tests are good, but in whom there is an unknown problem that science does not explain. And that does not allow them to have children.

16. Benefits of ajwa dates for skin

Ajwa dates contain vitamin A, as well as other nutrients in fair amounts.

Incorporated into your skin care creams, it is a very effective treatment for treating dull skin, but also reducing fine lines and wrinkles.


It is also a much cheaper alternative to the best beauty treatment available on the market.

By using this recipe for a month, your skin will look younger. Also allowing to improve and unify the complexion.

How many Ajwa dates to eat daily

Ajwa dates are normally consumed with Arabic coffee.

It is advisable to eat 2 to 3 dates on a day-to-day basis early in the morning or in between meals.


Side effects of ajwa dates

1. Might Cause Abdominal Issues

Ajwa dates by themselves may not result in abdominal problems – unless they have sulfites added to them – which is most common today.

Sulfites are the chemical compounds added to dried fruit to conserve them and even eradicate harmful bacteria.

2. Can Cause Skin Rashes

Dried fruit like ajwa dates can also cause skin rashes, and the culprit, once again, are the sulfites.

Rashes can also be caused by mold present in many dried fruits, dates being one of them.


3. Can Cause Asthma Attacks

There is not enough study on dates causing asthma attacks.

But since ajwa dates can lead to allergies, and allergies can result in asthma, it is better if susceptible individuals take extra care.

  1. Can Lead To Hyperkalemia
  2. The Wax Coating Can Have Harmful Effects
  3. Can Be Unhealthy For Babies
  4. Can Lead To Fructose Intolerance

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