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15 Benefits of water apple

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Discover the 15 Shocking Health Benefits Of Water Apple.

If you want to know more about the health benefits of water apple, you have come to the right place.

The water apple is a fruit plant that originates from Asian countries.

For locals to Indonesia, this plant and its fruit are also called jambu.

Most of the time, people eat the fruits of this plant, as it contains many nutrients that are very useful for the health of the body.

In their local countries, this plant is available in many houses, as people in those countries already know the benefits they can get from this plant.

Health benefits of water apple


Information on the water apple tree

The tree itself can grow to a height of up to 12 meters, the leaves also quite large, which are around 10 to 25 cm long and 5 to 10 cm wide. It has four white flower petals in many stamens.


The fruit is bell-shaped, with many kinds of colors, but the best-known color is red.

The fruits can grow not only in the axils located on the leaves, but can also grow both on the branch and the trunk.

That is why; This plant is considered a heavy carrier since in one harvest it can bear 700 fruits for each tree.

Although it has the word ‘apple’ as part of its name, the taste is not the same as apple.

Only the red color is quite similar to the apple. When you eat the jambu fruit of this plant, you can feel the sweet and sour taste.

The taste is very similar to the snow pear. It is quite easy to eat the fruit since you only have to wash it and then eat it without peeling the skin.

Because this fruit contains a lot of water inside, when you bite into the fruit, you will feel the juice come out of your mouth.

The meat-to-water ratio in this fruit is similar to that of watermelon.


This makes the taste of this fruit very refreshing and quite addictive to eat.

As you get a lot of minerals and vitamins from it, it is okay to consume this fruit as part of your diet.

Also, you can get many benefits from the minerals and vitamins that you can get from eating it.

That is why; We have compiled this list of the health benefits of water apple for you.

Health benefits of water apple

1.- Diabetes

If you have diabetes in your family history or if you already have this disease, then you should try consuming this water apple.

This fruit is known for its ability to prevent and control diabetes.

This fruit contains a natural sugar component, therefore your blood sugar will not break down to meet your body’s needs.

Also, there is a nutrient jambosine within this fruit that is an alkaloid that is very helpful for those who have diabetes.


These water apple health benefits can prevent another food essence in your blood from turning into sugar.

By using this nutrient, then your blood sugar can be more easily controlled.

However, this nutrient still needs more research to fully understand its benefits.

2.- Digestion

If you feel any discomfort in your digestion, then you can consume the water apple as this fruit contains fiber that is very helpful for your digestion.

By adding more fiber to your diet, the movement of food in the digestion tract will be smoother.

It can also help with the problem of constipation as well as prevent diarrhea and many other digestion problems.

3.- Cancer prevention

Many people are concerned with cancer as there is no known exact cause for this deadly disease.

However, scientists are already able to prevent this disease by eating healthy nutrients.


That is one of the health benefits of water apple that you can get, therefore you should consume apple water as it contains many of those healthy nutrients like vitamin C and A.

These vitamins are known for their ability to prevent cancer.

Also, some research claims by adding this fruit to your diet, and then you will be able to prevent breast and prostate cancer.

4.- Detoxification

Another benefit you can get from the nutrient within this apple of water is using them as a detox.

The whole vitamins and minerals within this fruit can help your body eliminate harmful toxins.

Therefore, if you add this fruit as part of your daily diet intake, your body will be stronger and you will also be able to prevent many kinds of diseases.

5.- Heart

Most people our age have a high cholesterol diet.

Therefore, it will be a great burden on the heart when trying to pump the blood full of cholesterol in our body.


However, with the water apple’s health benefits, the nutrient within this fruit can significantly lower the amount of cholesterol in your heart.

Besides, based on research, consuming the water apple will be able to prevent many types of cardiovascular diseases, such as stroke, coronary heart disease, as well as a heart attack.

6.- Eyes

If you have eye problems, or even if your eyes are perfectly normal, you need to take care of them.


And one way you can do to take care of the health of your eye is by consuming the benefits of the water apple.

Inside this fruit, there is a good amount of vitamin A that the eyes need to stay healthy.

Therefore, by consuming this fruit you will be able to take care of your clear vision or provide some help with your troubled eyes.

7.- Immune system

There are active nutrients within this fruit with the best water apple health benefits you should be getting.


The active nutrient contains an agent that can be used as an antifungal and antimicrobial agent.

There is some research showing that the nutrient within this fruit can help stimulate the functioning of your immune system to defeat the infection that caused many types of illnesses.

It is also capable of preventing skin infection through the use of the active nutrient agent.

8.- Bone

You should know that within a serving of this fruit that has around 100 grams you will get a calcium content of up to 29 mg.

The bone needs it to keep it strong and healthy.

Therefore, if you want to improve the condition of your bone, then you can add this fruit as part of your daily diet, as it can keep your bone strong and healthy.

9.- Antioxidant

Inside this fruit, there are many nutrients and vitamins that the body can use as an antioxidant.

This antioxidant is another benefit of water apple for e-health that you should take advantage of as it is very good for your body.


Also, this antioxidant is natural, so it would not have side effects.

The antioxidant will be used by your body to find free radicals that are very harmful to your body.

Also, free radicals can cause many types of diseases, such as cancers, heart attacks, premature aging, kidney disease, and many others.

10.- Rehydrate

If you suddenly feel very tired, have a dry mouth, feel thirsty, and have dark urine, these are symptoms of dehydration.

This means that your body is lacking in fluid, which can be dangerous since your body consists mostly of water.

That is why; you need to add more fluid to your body by consuming more foods that contain a lot of water.

As the name of this fruit is water apple, you should also know that it contains a lot of water inside.

In fact, in a serving of this fruit that weighs 100 grams, 93% of it is water.


Therefore, by consuming this fruit, you can rehydrate your body and meet the liquid needs of your body.

11.- Kidney

As there are many nutrients within this fruit, you will get many health benefits from the water apple.

One of them is very useful for your kidney, as it can help your kidney work.

Kidney function is to cleanse urea and uric acid from your body.

Therefore, the work is very difficult, but consuming this apple of water can help the kidney to function in the best possible way.

12.- Treatment of Sprue

Many things can cause Sprue’s disease, and one of them is a lack of vitamin C.

So for those who often have symptoms of eggplant disease, then you should consume a sufficient amount of vitamin C every day.


Within an apple serving of water, you can find vitamin C up to 22.3 mg.

That is why; You can consume this fruit as part of your daily need to meet your vitamin C needs.

13.- Skin treatment

The health benefits of the water apple are very helpful for treating the skin.

Especially since this fruit contains a lot of vitamin C that the skin needs to stay healthy.

By using this nutrient, the damaged cells in your skin can be repaired, therefore you will get a new skin cell when needed.

It is not only useful to repair the damaged cell, but it is also capable of encouraging the regeneration of skin cells that you need to prevent premature aging.

14.- Seed

It turns out that not only do you get the benefits of its fruit, but the seed within the fruits is beneficial as well.

You can use the seed as a treatment for many types of illnesses, such as diarrhea, fever, and asthma.


What you should do is dry the seed in the sun for about 4 days. Then grind it into a powder that you can drink.

15.- Bark

Another part of the plant that also offers many water apple health benefits is the bark.

You can use this part of the water apple to treat many types of symptoms in your respiratory system, such as hoarse voice, asthma, and bronchitis.

What you should do is dry the back of the tree in the sun for a few days and then boil it with water. Drink the water afterward to treat the symptoms.

Those are many water apple health benefits that you can get for your body.

The benefits come not only from the fruit but also from the seed and the rind.

Therefore, you can use the whole water apple plant for your health.


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