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15 benefits of Nordic walking

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Discover the 15 benefits of Nordic walking.

The benefits of Nordic walking for health originate from the continuous movement that is given to the body and therefore the body tends to respond positively, Nordic walking is more than walking, here the development and protection of everything are promoted. the locomotor system.

This discipline has long been very practical and complete since it requires 80% of the muscular chains and allows satisfaction to the body.15 benefits of Nordic walking


Nordic walking has proven to be one of the most effective methods for health as it increases aerobic capacity, coordination, and muscle tone in the elderly.

Nordic walking is an activity that takes place outdoors and that tests the body’s resistance, it is done with the help of a kind of poles that are used for skiing, which what it does is give momentum when walking.

Nordic walking is good for your health, it does not require much effort and it is very easy to do. In short, it is a perfect sport to get rid of everyday stress.

You are more in touch with nature, breathe fresh air and add color to daily life with just one walk. Read on and find out about the health benefits of Nordic walking.

History of nordic walking

 It all originated in the mid-1930s when skiers in the summer would go off to train and take long hikes with poles to improve endurance and fitness.


The Finns were the first to give life to this technique, the founder and thus cataloged of this discipline was called Mauri Repo.

Later it spread and became known in the United States in 1988, there was already a very similar technique developed by Tom Rutlin who was dedicated to teaching skiing and cross-country running.

In 1997 the first poles for Nordic walking were created and it was presented for the first time in Finland 1997.

Since then, a network of training institutions has developed in the world. In 2003, they come together in a joint organization: INFO or International Nordic Fitness Organization.

Benefits of nordic walking

Nordic walking is simply unique because it benefits all those with health problems and helps those professional athletes who always want to be in good physical condition.

The health benefits of Nordic walking are effective, enjoyable, easy, and suitable for anyone of any age. Learn about 10 of its most important benefits here.

1.- Prevents degenerative diseases

Nordic walking along with other types of physical activity prevents degenerative diseases, regular Nordic walking reduces the risk of these diseases, such as type 2 diabetes, asthma, stroke, and certain types of cancer. such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, asthma, stroke, and certain types of cancer.

Nordic walking, like other forms of exercise, is generally used as part of a weight loss program. the complete movement of Nordic walking allows a general training of all the muscular chains of the body.


2.- Pleasant walks

If you are a person who wants to start a new sport or discipline to which you can dedicate moderate efforts or you are simply a lover of walking and taking walks through parks and forests, Nordic walking guarantees that your walking will be more pleasant and at the same time improve your health.

Nordic walking is a great way to make the most of those active hours. You just need to learn the technique and grab your poles to get started.

3.- Better posture

Nordic walking improves the state of your posture, as it balances your body and posture is compromised to improve is a sport: leisure will make you forget the small daily worries by having a very beneficial effect on your physical condition. Nordic walking tones the muscles of the body and strengthens the muscular and joint chains.

4.- Ideal for young and old.

Nordic walking is an ideal activity for people of any age, elderly people who have time without exercise is very good for them, because it allows them to regain strength in their arms and works excellent for the proper functioning of circulation and body stability.

In the case of young people, it is a quite satisfactory activity to complement it as hobbies and do it in the company of friends.

5.- Excellent for your arms

Performing a Nordic walking technique correctly implies that the muscles of the arms are activated during walking, the arms work as support during all this activity.

It is important to note that it is not a question of moving the arms to place the Nordic walking poles, but that they must support part of our weight.

This movement, repeated over and over, results in strengthening of the upper body: including the arms, chest area, shoulders, and back.


6.- Allows you to breathe better

Breathing is compromised in this discipline since the effort or intensity needed to use Nordic walking poles activates the respiratory and cardiovascular process as it is a moderate-paced race, but this stimulates the lungs by making you breathe better. , with greater lung width and excellent oxygenation.

7.- Promotes weight loss

By engaging all the muscle groups of the body, doing Nordic walking significantly develops energy expenditure, approximately 40% compared to traditional walking.


 It is for this reason that Nordic walking will allow the person to lose weight because it enters a resistance range, which is ideal for fat elimination.

8.- Strengthens the bones

The skeletal system needs to be stimulated and in motion to get stronger. The use of poles in Nordic walking guarantees stimulation, that is, as a kind of vibration that is optimal for the bones, however, there are certain limits or contraindications for those who suffer from it, especially inflammatory growth.

Bastions should not be used if you have upper extremity tendinitis or if you have severe rheumatic conditions in the upper body or feet. In case of osteoarthritis, you should make sure to practice Nordic walking moderately.

9.- It can be done anywhere

One of the benefits of Nordic walking for health is that this activity can be done in the city, in the countryside, in the mountains, and on all types of terrain.

The person modulates the intensity of the effort at the same time as the speed of walking and the type of poles used.

Walkers who want to intensify their efforts can equip themselves with a special pole that comes equipped with a 20cm pump, which offers resistance from 4kg to 20kg, increasing calorie expenditure by up to 600%.


10.- Helps arthritis

Finnish studies found that people with osteoarthritis in their legs could do more exercise, meaning that Nordic walking is ideal for helping arthritis as it helped this condition, unlike traditional walking, Nordic walking turns out to be better.

11. Relieves back, neck, and shoulder pain

Nordic walking is great for reducing lower back pain as it increases the activity of the core muscles that help support the spine.

Posture will improve as it lengthens and stabilizes the spine, thus helping to reduce neck and shoulder strain.

12. Positive effects on Parkinson’s

Some reviews have found that moderate to high intensity Nordic walking programs are beneficial in the severity of Parkinson’s disease.

Performing Nordic walking allows balance, quality of life, functional capacity, and motor function of patients. It is said that part of the effect may be due to the rhythmic upper body movement involved in Nordic walking.

13. Positive effects on fibromyalgia

Nordic walking is positive on fibromyalgia. In a study of women with fibromyalgia, the researchers hypothesized that aerobic capacity is moderately increased by Nordic walking and better

14.- Breast cancer

Effects of walking with poles on shoulder function in breast cancer survivors moderately regain flexibility.

The data shows that walking with poles for eight weeks significantly improved upper body muscular endurance in breast cancer patients after treatment.


15.- Nordic walking is good for the nervous system

Long walks in the fresh air oxygenate the brain and reduce stress. On average, one to 2 km / of regular walks, Nordic walking allows professionals to breathe easier.

Benefiting from improved posture and more lateral support, Nordic walkers absorb up to 60% more oxygen than normal walkers.

Other benefits of Nordic walking

•It provides greater stability, security, and confidence.

•Develops coordination and integrates the main muscle groups.

•Build core stability and back strength.

•Avoid falls. Promotes hip flexion and foot dorsiflexion strength, which helps prevent falls.

•Improves joint mobility and muscle flexibility.

•It produces a more intense training effect, but with less perceived exertion.


•Increases circulation throughout the body.

•Helps improve self-image and mental acuity.

•Increases aerobic conditioning and is effective in weight loss.


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