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15 Benefits of eating lizard meat

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Discover the 15 Benefits of eating lizard meat.

It may seem strange to you at first, but you can get a lot of health benefits from eating lizard meat as part of your diet.

However, most of the time, consumption is understood as a medical endeavor rather than a culinary purpose. However, the nutrient within this reptile is quite beneficial to human health, so you may want to try it out for yourself.15 Benefits of eating lizard meat


Benefits of eating lizard meat

You may not realize it, but eating lizards are very beneficial for your health as it also contains various vitamins that help your body. Some of the benefits you can get are:

1.- Power source

Eating the meat of the lizard is the same as eating other types of meat, as it also contains energy.

Within each ounce of this meat, you will get 50 kcal, which is actually the same amount of energy that you can get from each ounce of chicken meat.

That is why, when you want to meet your daily energy requirement which is around 1500 kcal, then you may want to consume around 2 pounds of this lizard meat. Yes, you can even use it to replace the regular chicken meat that you consume frequently.

2.- Improved resistance

These next health benefits of eating lizard meat still have some connection to the previous benefit.


As you know getting enough energy, also means that you will be able to improve your overall stamina.

The amino acids that are available within this meat will help your body repair itself, it is also an important nutrient needed by your body’s metabolic system to produce energy.

You must have good resistance, especially when you want to perform heavy tasks, such as training or any other activity that involves your physique.

Therefore, you may want to improve your stamina by eating more of this lizard meat as part of your diet.

3.- Protein source

You should know that energy can come from many types of nutrients, such as fats and carbohydrates.

But within the lizard meat, the energy comes from protein nutrients so you can also use this meat as a source of protein.

Protein is a very important amino acid that the body needs to function properly. Therefore, it is good that you consume this meat as a source of protein.

4.- Prevention of asthma symptoms

You should know that the symptoms of asthma that do occur usually involve the airways, making it difficult for people suffering from these symptoms to breathing properly when an attack occurs.


But consuming this lizard meat is believed to cure symptoms, it can also work as prevention of asthma symptoms so people just get the attack less often.

These benefits of eating lizard meat for asthma are possible because this meat contains a type of amino acid that can repair the impact that occurs on the respiratory muscles and often causes those symptoms.

5.- Epilepsy medicine

In many Asian countries, lizard meat is used as a medicine for many types of diseases. One of the most notable is the use of this meat as a medicine for epilepsy.

Epilepsy occurs because there is some disorder within the neurological system in the body of people affected by this disease.

But the protein nutrient available within the lizard meat can help the body to alleviate the disorder within the neurological system and make the nerves much healthier.

Therefore, by eating this meat, you can help eliminate the cause of the epileptic seizure.

6.- Decrease the risk of disease-related to the glands

There are many diseases related to the glands which are very horrible as the gland has a very important duty in the human body.

It is used as a regulator for different types of processes that are often related to the immune system and metabolic function.


This is why it is very important to keep your body’s gland system as healthy as possible, especially the lymphoid gland, which is a very important gland in your body.

But you should not worry as you can use the health benefits of eating lizards which can make your gland become healthy and function properly thus reducing the risk of any gland-related disease.

7.- Cure skin diseases

Many types of reptiles are considered healers of skin diseases which also include this lizard meat.

Indonesians often eat this meat when they want to cure many skin-related diseases like psoriasis and eczema.

Sometimes the meat will be drained and then ground into a powder, which is put into a capsule as medicine.

8.- Eliminate acne

Acne is another skin-related disease that can be cured with the health benefits of eating lizards for the skin.

This meat can relieve the inflammation of acne and heal it. But in addition to consuming the meat, some people also apply the blood of the lizard as a healer.


9.- Promote flatulence

Sometimes you may feel discomfort in your stomach which can be caused by excess gas content inside. You can reduce discomfort from consuming lizard meat as it can promote flatulence.


If the gas created by the gastric system is not eliminated from the body, then it can cause another problem that can worsen, which is just mere discomfort.

10.- Maintain digestive health

In addition to curing many kinds of digestive symptoms like nausea or other discomforts, it turns out that lizard meat is also capable of maintaining digestive health.

The amino acid along with the protein available within this meat helps protect the human stomach lining from ulcers.

11.- Relieve stiffness in the muscle

You should know that Indonesians often eat lizard meat at night as many street vendors sold this meat during that time.

Another reason is that eating this meat can help relieve stiffness in the muscle, which is due to working all day. These health benefits of eating lizards for muscles happen due to the amino acid content within the meat.

12.- Cancer treatment

At first, it seems impossible to do, but you should know that lizard meat can also be used for cancer treatment. This happened to a patient from Bogor in Indonesia who is diagnosed with cancer.

The doctor suggests that this patient consume lizard meat as a treatment. Therefore, the patient consumes this meat 3 times a day, and then 6 months later the doctor repeats the examination. The doctor is shocked to discover that the patient’s body has recovered.

13.- Treatment of Hemorrhoids

Another disease that can be treated with the health benefits of eating lizards is hemorrhoids. This disease is a hemorrhage that occurs within the anal tract in the process of defecation.


But when you eat this meat, then it will help regulate bowel movements and also protect the blood vessel of the anus from being damaged.

14.- Prevention of stroke

This disease is caused by a problem in the heart and cardiovascular system that causes the blood vessel located in the brain to become damaged.

Due to that, the body parts or any member related to the brain are damaged or paralyzed. To prevent this from happening, you may want to use protein to maintain blood vessel health and prevent atherosclerosis.

15.- Longevity

Lastly, you will gain longevity by consuming the lizard meat which has happened to a Bolivian man. This was reported by the UK Daily Mail which interviewed the man.

He is now 123 years old and has sixteen grandchildren and thirty-nine great-grandchildren.

He can reach that age because he regularly consumes lizard meat. He is still alive, even today, and is still capable of long walks for several kilos a day.

Those are some of the most relevant health benefits of eating lizard meat that you can get from the nutrient content that is available within the meat that you would like to get.

Lizard in its natural habitat

Sometimes you can even find the lizard scattered around your home garden. This animal still belongs to the same class as the snake, which is the Squamata.


However, its body structure is quite different from the snake, as this animal has open-air ear holes and legs to move around. Also, its eyelids can move, which is also different from the snake.

This animal is spread all over the world and every continent has them. The reason is that this animal has a very important role in the food chain of the environment.

In this aspect, the lizard acts as the predator in the environment as it consumes specific types of bugs and insects that are often harmful not only to humans but also to plants.

Most of the time, the bugs and insects they consume are mosquitoes and other insect pests. This behavior will naturally prevent the spread of diseases caused by those insects.

Lizard meat as food

Lizard meat has been consumed for a long time, especially by Asians. However, they still regard it as a type of extreme food to consume.

Although it may not sound too delicious to consume, you can find people in the Philippines, Thailand, China, and Indonesia who cook the meat with a special recipe.

In addition, those countries often have an exotic food market that offers many types of exotic foods for sale, including lizard meat.

People who eat this meat want to reap the nutrient-packed health benefits of eating lizards. Those nutrients are believed to be able to keep the body healthy and even act as healers for many types of diseases.


There is even some research that found that this meat has amino acids and proteins that are beneficial for human health. Plus, it contains important nutrients like histidine, tyrosine, tryptophan, and phenylalanine, albeit only in trace amounts.

However, this meat contains a large number of isoleucine nutrients that is even greater than what you can get from other types of meat such as beef as well as a milk product.

Tips for cooking lizard meat

If you are interested in cooking this meat to get the health benefits of eating lizards, then you may want to know several tips, such as:

Cleaning the meat is very important. Remove the gut, then cut off the head and anus to clean it. The next thing is to divide his body and cut off his legs.

To avoid cross-contamination, it is essential to use special cutting boards for this meat.
Before cooking, you should boil the meat for at least 20 minutes to kill bacteria and loosen the skin so you can remove it.

Treat this meat like chicken wings, as you can cook it any method you like.


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