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14 benefits of yellow tea and side effects

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Discover the 14 benefits of yellow tea and its side effects.

Rare and unique, the benefits of yellow tea are slowly taking over the world’s tea-loving population. It has an amazing fruity aroma, is sweet to the taste, and provides a host of health benefits.14 benefits of yellow tea and side effects


The benefits of yellow tea can help you shed those extra pounds and treat inflammatory bowel disease .

Also known as Chinese yellow diet tea, it can cleanse your body of harmful toxins, improve your mental alertness, cure diabetes, and lower your risk of stroke. Read on to learn more about this variety of tea.

Benefits of yellow tea

Like many other teas, yellow tea originates from China and is slowly becoming popular around the world.

This tea is famous in China for its distinctive fruity flavor, smooth texture, and attractive aroma.

You may not know this, but yellow tea is quite similar to green tea in terms of antioxidant content. However, yellow tea is more comfortable for the stomach.

Coming down to the physical aspects, this tea is bright yellow. But, this color is not natural.


This distinctive color is achieved by adding another step to regular tea production that is conveniently called ‘Sealed Yellowing’.

Here, the tea polyphenols (catechins) are slowly oxidized to produce the yellow dye that is sweet and mild, very different from the herbaceous flavor of our green tea.

Several types of yellow tea are known to serve different purposes. For example, Yinzhen yellow tea helps burn extra flab. This particular drink contains various minerals and vitamins namely A1, B2, B12, C, and E.

Note: Poor quality green tea is sometimes sold as yellow tea in markets. So make sure you buy from genuine vendors.

Taking this into account, now we can go step by step to know what are the benefits of yellow tea.

1.- Promotes weight loss

Want to shed a few extra pounds? Yellow tea can surely help you with that. Many studies conclude that yellow tea extract may have metabolism-boosting and fat-burning abilities.

The polyphenols and catechins present in yellow tea give it its fat-burning properties.

All you need to do is replace your regular tea with yellow tea, preferably unsweetened, and witness weight loss in a matter of months.


2.- Good for the liver

This miracle drink can help in the treatment of hepatitis and other liver-related disorders.

Many animal studies have suggested that the polyphenols in yellow tea, and specifically catechin, may have restrictive and inhibitory effects on hepatitis (inflammation of the liver). This makes yellow tea an effective home remedy to treat the symptoms of hepatitis.

3.- Treats inflammatory bowel disorder

Irritated by frequent visits to the bathroom? Start drinking yellow tea.

There have been many cases where yellow tea has helped reduce inflammation accompanied by ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease, two common types of IBD. Once again, polyphenols are the magic ingredients that exhibit anti-inflammatory properties.

4.- Prevents diabetes

Traditionally, green and yellow teas helped people control blood sugar levels in the body. Studies suggest that the benefits of yellow tea can prevent type 1 diabetes. Type 1 diabetics are usually unable to produce insulin, which is essential for converting glucose (sugar) into energy.

Therefore, include yellow tea in your daily routine to avoid the risks associated with diabetes.

5.- Treats atherosclerosis

Problems with joint pain due to atherosclerosis? I suggest you go drink yellow tea.

Yellow tea is packed with antioxidants and polyphenols, and since it shares many similarities with green tea, it can help prevent conditions like atherosclerosis and coronary artery disease.


6.- Lowers cholesterol levels

Yellow tea has been shown to effectively lower what is considered “bad” LDL cholesterol while increasing “good” HDL cholesterol in the body.

A study on men who drank yellow or green tea noted that men who drank yellow/green tea had lower blood cholesterol levels than those who didn’t. Now you have a reason to change your beverage choices without compromising taste!

7.- Anti-Carcinogenic

Did you know that a hot cup of tea can help you fight cancer?

Yellow tea has many cancer-protective effects that several population studies report. Cancer rates in Japan and the countries where green/yellow tea is consumed are lower than in other countries. Once again, polyphenols and antioxidants play an important role in purging the body of cancer cells.

One study found that women who consumed the most yellow/green tea experienced less spread of cancer, especially in women who had earlier stages of cancer.

These polyphenols even help restrict the development of esophageal cancer cells, as well as the development of lung cancer cells, making the tea a must to prevent all types of cancer.

However, studies on this aspect of yellow tea have been very few, so it is impossible to say with certainty that these polyphenols can eliminate esophageal cancer.


8.- It has anti-aging properties

Who would have thought that regularly drinking perfectly brewed tea can restore your youth!


The presence of high levels of nutrients and antioxidants allows the benefits of yellow tea to combat all signs of aging, including wrinkles and blemishes, giving you flawless and attractive skin.

9.- Increases appetite

Long working hours and unnecessary stress take a lot out of our lives, including our appetite.

We all go through that phase where we don’t feel like eating, that too for hours on end. Well, you can get your appetite back with the help of yellow tea benefits.

10.- Improves mental agility

Children are told to avoid tea until a certain age to save their mental prowess, but did you know that tea can improve your psychological alertness? Yes, I am talking about yellow tea.

This distinctive property is due to the abundant antioxidants present in this particular tea. So what are you waiting for? Grab your mug today!

11.- Promotes longevity

Drinking a cup of yellow tea every day ensures the elimination of harmful free radicals in the body, courtesy of the high antioxidant content. These antioxidants prevent cell and tissue damage in the body, making it healthy and promoting longevity.

12.- Provides stronger bones and teeth

If you want healthier, stronger bones, why not switch to yellow tea?

Regular yellow tea is very effective in strengthening your bones. It also reduces pain in the bones and joints; it also strengthens your teeth and improves your dental health.


13.- Decreases the risks of brain strokes

Old age brings many risks associated with major organs, including the heart and brain. One can avoid falling prey to brain strokes with the help of yellow tea benefits.

This amazing type of tea makes our blood thinner, which increases blood circulation throughout the body. This helps prevent strokes. Yellow tea also helps increase the flexibility of the arteries and veins.

14.- Good during pregnancy

Drinking a cup of yellow tea during pregnancy will not cause any harm. Just make sure your intake doesn’t exceed the 200mg daily mark.

Excess caffeine decreases the absorption of folic acid in the body, which is quite essential until 12 weeks of pregnancy.

How to make yellow tea?

Preparing a perfect cup of tea is an art. This is the reason why China and Japan have elaborate tea ceremonies. You can also craft your perfect cup with the help of these pointers. Have a look.

What do you need

•200ml glass

•Yellow tea – 5 grams


•A sweetener of your choice (honey or sugar)

What do you need to do

•Take the glass and add a third of a cup of boiling water.

•Add 5 grams of yellow tea and steep for 2-5 minutes, depending on how strong you want it.

•Add sweetener to it. Cover it after five minutes. Your cup of perfect yellow tea is ready to drink.

•Yes, even the best items carry potential risks and it’s best to know them beforehand. The same goes for the benefits of yellow tea.

•Like its counterparts, yellow tea can cause anxiety and nervousness if taken more than twice a day. It can even cause insomnia, so never go overboard with this tea.

As explained above, many countries sell inferior quality yellow tea, which can be toxic. So do your research before buying a brand.


Excessive consumption of yellow tea can lead to high blood pressure, liver disorders, and diarrhea. Therefore, it is better to limit its consumption.

Yellow tea is known to worsen glaucoma, so consult your doctor if you are taking medication.

Frequently asked questions about the benefits of yellow tea

Is yellow tea better than green tea?

Yellow tea and green tea have similar antioxidants. Even the amount of caffeine in both teas is almost similar.

Scientifically, many studies continue to point to the distinction between these two, or to say “who is better.” However, yellow tea has been successful in treating liver disorders, which gives it an added edge.

Where can I buy Chinese yellow tea?

You can find yellow tea varieties on Amazon and eBay. Check the reviews and the price, and buy what suits you best.

So, swap out your morning cup of tea with yellow tea and reap the full benefits of it. If you know of any other benefits of yellow tea, please leave a comment in the box below.


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