13 benefits of corn silk tea and side effects

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Discover the 13 Health Benefits Of Corn Silk Tea and side effects.

Do you often pull the silky, rope-like fibers from the end of the calluses when you get them?

Well, don’t do it from now on as these fibers, also known as corn silk, can be made into a tea that contains a host of health benefits.

Drinking corn silk tea is an ancient tradition that provides a series of nutrients to the care of your body and that can be enjoyed to this day, so do not stop paying attention to the benefits of corn silk tea.

Would you like to know more about the benefits of corn silk tea?

Then keep reading our post and learn everything about this powerful drink that can cause miracles in health care.

Corn silk contains stigmasterol and sitosterol, which are highly effective in preventing heart disease and high cholesterol, it also has plant acids that help improve skin and oral conditions, as well as regulate glucose levels in your body.

The most common way to use corn silk is in the form of tea.


You should make corn silk tea a staple in your home.

13 Benefits Of Corn Silk Tea To Protect The Body


Health Benefits Of Corn Silk Tea

The most important health benefits of corn silk tea include its effects on diabetes, inflammation caused by gout or arthritis, toxicity in the body, kidney disorders, health and blood pressure, and digestive problems, among others.

1.- Provides vitamin C

With corn silk tea, you get plenty of vitamin C, this is because it is a great antioxidant that can progressively prevent the damage caused by the dreaded free radicals and heart disease.

Also, the benefits of corn silk tea, you have the option of stimulating blood circulation and the effective functioning of most of the organs in your body.

2.- Benefits Of Corn Silk Tea for diabetes

There are many specialists in natural medicine, who associate the benefits of corn silk tea with the care and protection of people who tend to suffer from cardiovascular diseases and high blood pressure.

All this is because this drink is capable of consequently reducing the high levels of sugar that can manifest in the blood;

It is also mentioned as a magnificent natural medicine treatment for treating diabetes, cholesterol, heart failure, among other pathologies.


Studies have found that this tea infusion can raise insulin levels, which can help keep blood sugar levels in check.

This is very good news for diabetic patients who need to avoid large fluctuations in their blood sugar levels throughout the day.

3.- Benefits Of Corn Silk Tea for gout

The benefits of corn silk tea have many wonderful properties that have among other things, the ability to decrease and reduce pain associated with diseases such as gout.

Start by drinking 3 cups of corn silk tea a day. Once you get relief from the pain, cut it down to 1 cup per day.

4.- Treat nocturnal enuresis

This is a problem faced by children and adults, the benefits of corn silk tea are usually a very effective home remedy for bedwetting.

Experts recommend drinking 1 cup of corn silk tea before bed to treat this problem.

5.- Benefits Of Corn Silk Tea for kidney

Corn silk tea is also a wonderful home remedy for kidney problems.

It is very effective in treating kidney-related conditions including painful urination, urinary tract infection, bladder infection, inflammation of the urinary system, kidney stones, etc.


6.- Improves digestion

Another of the benefits found within the benefits of corn silk tea is that it is essential in the promotion and treatment of both digestion and digestive problems, a series of studies have certified that the secretion of bile produced by the liver, can be stimulated thanks to this drink, this process is achieved by storing the bile in the gallbladder, resulting in a smooth digestive process.

7.- Bleeding controls

One of the many benefits of drinking corn silk tea is that it provides your body with vitamin K in a good amount.

This vitamin is important to control bleeding, especially in women who are going through childbirth.

8.- Urine increases

As mentioned above, the benefits of corn silk tea are considered an effective natural treatment for kidney problems.

This is because it helps increase the amount of urine.

When this occurs, you can avoid many kidney problems as toxins and other harmful substances are removed from your body efficiently.

9.- Benefits of corn silk tea for hair

Corn silk tea gives hair a shining color, it prevents hair loss, adds strength to hair, gives a soft appearance and It helps repair damaged hair.

10.- Treat rashes and boils

The benefits of corn silk tea can also be used topically to treat skin problems such as rashes, boils and helps relieve itching and discomfort that some insect bites, cuts, scrapes, or minor skin wounds can cause. impact.


It has antibacterial and antiseptic properties that help prevent infection.

11.- Inflammation

Due to the active ingredients found in this tea, it can reduce inflammation in certain parts of the body, such as the joints and limbs, making it an excellent tonic for gout and arthritis, which have been treated by this tea throughout history.

12.- Toxicity

This tea has a great diuretic effect on the body, which means that it stimulates urination.

This can help flush excess toxins from the body and cleanse the kidneys, making it a great booster for kidney health.


13.- Heart health

The diuretic nature of the benefits of corn silk tea makes it dangerous for people with low blood pressure, as too much potassium can be lost, but other ingredients can improve the integrity of your cardiovascular system and reduce the risk of disease.

14. Benefits of corn silk teafor weight loss

Corn silk tea has been used as a naturally potential  diuretic agent, which help to flush out extra water and waste from the body, thus reducing the inches dramatically.

If you want to lose weight  in time for a big event, this is a super trick, which also reduces complications related to water retention.


What is Corn Silk Tea?

Corn silk tea is a specialty tea made by steeping corn silk, the delicate threads found in the ears of corn.

These wispy golden locks are usually ignored or discarded with the ear of corn, but they can also be used to make a potent tea.

It is believed that it was used for the first time by the Mayan and Aztec cultures, evidence indicates that this tea was used for more than 6,000 years.

Modern research has found that this corn silk does contain several beneficial nutrients and the tea has very few negative side effects.

Due to the simplicity of the ingredients, this tea is easy to make and can have a measurable impact on your health, thanks to its rich supply of potassium, vitamin C and vitamin K, and other active ingredients.

Corn silk tea and its goodness

Constant research is being conducted on the benefits of corn silk tea and how it can benefit your health.

If you are looking for a gentle and natural remedy to help improve your health, this is a great option that you should try, it tastes great and is loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

It also contains a wide variety of polyphenols that help keep a wide range of diseases out of your body.


This makes corn silk tea a beneficial drink, whether you are trying to treat a specific illness or simply want to improve your overall health.

According to the researchers, corn silk has other benefits as well, it is found to be an effective natural treatment for conditions including prostate disorders, obesity, PMS, and carpel tunnel syndrome.

So as you can see, drinking a cup or two of corn silk tea every day can have many wonderful effects on your body and provide you with many benefits.

As with all-natural remedies, it is important to consult a doctor before beginning.

It is vital to ensure that you do not take any medications that hurt your health when combined with a natural remedy.

You also need to make sure that you don’t have any conditions that cause complications when using remedies like corn silk tea.

Whether you’re drinking corn silk tea to treat a medical condition or want to get all the nutrients it has to offer, be sure to speak with your healthcare provider beforehand.

Corn silk tea is a great way to get many essential nutrients and to treat and prevent a wide range of ailments and diseases.


It is an all-natural remedy that you should consider making a part of your daily diet and reap a ton of benefits that other foods may not be able to give you.

How to make corn silk tea

Making corn silk tea is not a difficult task, all you need to keep in mind when preparing it is the following:

• Boil 1 tablespoon of corn silk (minced) in 1 cup of water.

• Once done, cover the pan and let it rest for 15 to 20 minutes.

• When it’s cool enough to drink, you can add 1 teaspoon of raw honey if you like. This sweetens the tea for those who prefer it that way.

• You can store the remaining tea in your refrigerator for 2 to 3 days.

• The dose depends on the condition you have and your body weight.

The general recommendation for adults is 1 cup, two or three times a day.


Experts recommend not drinking corn silk tea just before going to sleep.

The dose for children should be reduced accordingly.

Before using this tea as a treatment for any condition, be sure to consult your healthcare provider to ensure it does not interfere with any medications.

Side effects corn silk tea

There are some side effects of this tea to be aware of, although negative reactions are rare, especially if you consume this tea in moderation.

If you have low or high blood pressure or problems with your potassium levels, this tea could exacerbate these problems, due to its diuretic nature.

Also, it can negatively interact with other prescription drugs you may be taking, as it can induce urination and flush the drug too quickly.

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