11 best avocado recipes (a guide)

Our 11 best avocado recipes

We love to cook with avocados because they are nutritious, tasty and we can integrate them into breakfasts, dinners, snacks, desserts …

To change the avocado toast (which we LOVE, let’s face it) honest), discover quick and easy recipes to add to your repertoire!

11 best avocado recipes

Here are the 11 best avocado recipes with; guacamole, salad, with salmon, shrimp, muffins, etc.

1. Avocado and grapefruit salad

This salad is nourishing thanks to the good fats of the avocado and the protein contained in the chicken.

With a touch of grapefruit and nappa cabbage for a tangy and crunchy side, we have an interesting dish. Shall we prepare for our lunches?

2. Mediterranean guacamole

To revisit his basic guacamole recipe, add hot peppers, mint, basil, a few chickpeas, sundried tomatoes, olives and feta. Something to make people jealous during your next potlucks.

3. Spicy avocado hummus

Add a little extra to your hummus recipe by adding avocados and hot sauce; a nutritious snack to eat with vegetables, crackers or homemade pita chips.

4. Avocado and tuna tostadas, no cooking

Here’s an easy meal, packed with protein, easily customizable and most importantly, no cooking! Just assemble everything on the corn tortillas and enjoy. Perfect for those evenings when it’s too hot to cook.

5. Healthy avocado-chocolate muffins

Here is a muffin recipe that contains very little sugar and no butter or oil (plus it’s lactose-free)! Avocado provides a nice soft texture with applesauce.

6. Greek yoghurt, banana and avocado pancakes

A great way to make your pancakes more nutritious, with Greek yoghurt and avocado. A good start to the day!

7. Avocado, mango, date and yoghurt smoothie

We wouldn’t immediately think of putting avocados in our smoothie, but the combination with mango, dates and pistachios makes it a nutritious drink, which is perfect for lunch or before training.

8. Avocado, kale and quinoa salad

Here’s an easy-to-prepare vegetarian meal for your busy weekday evenings.

9. Pasta with creamy avocado sauce

How do you create a rich, creamy pasta sauce without adding a ton of butter or cream? With avocado of course. We put all the ingredients in the blender and voila!

10. No-bake avocado key lime pie

A tasty, no-bake dessert? WE love!

11. Salmon tartare with avocado

How to improve tartare? By adding avocado, of course. You will love the texture of this delicate dish.