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10 surprising health benefits of kiwi fruit

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Discover the 10 surprising health benefits of kiwi fruit.

There are still a few years, the kiwi was an exotic fruit which we boasted the exceptionally rich in vitamin C. It has now become commonplace as it is found on our supermarket shelves almost all year round. But, fortunately, it is still as rich in vitamin C and continues to be a source of many benefits . Which ?

Discovering kiwi fruit

From China to New Zealand

Did you know that the kiwi is actually a fruit native to China ? It grew there in the wild where it was appreciated for its flesh and emerald color. Its seeds were exported to England during the 19th century and then acclimatized in European gardens, where it did not arouse much interest. It was when he landed in New Zealand in 1906 that New Zealanders took a particular interest in it and gave it the name “ kiwi” – this because of its hairy appearance reminiscent of a bird, the Aperix. , national emblem of New Zealand and called of the same name.


The kiwi is the fruit not of a tree or a shrub but of a liana . Its culture requires a particular climate, humid and hot . If we find kiwifruit all year round in our stores , it is because its cultivation is shared between the two hemispheres. “In Europe, the most suitable geographical area is a strip 150 to 200 kilometers thick that runs from west to east, from the Basque Country to Greece via Italy. North of this band the climate is too cold while in the south it is too dry.

What are its Nutritional Intakes?

Compared to other fruits, the kiwi has significant nutritional benefits: it is rich in vitamins (C, E, B9), potassium, phosphorus, calcium, dietary fiber, antioxidants … Clinical research has shown that its consumption has an effect beneficial at any age .

The 10 health benefits of kiwi fruit

Below are the 10 health benefits of kiwi fruit

1. Strengthens the immune system

The kiwi is a fruit rich in vitamin C : it contains about 90 mg per 100 grams of fruit, which is twice as much as oranges . If, according to the recommended nutritional intake, an adult needs 110 mg of vitamin C per day and knowing that a kiwi weighs about 100 grams, then that would mean that a kiwi at breakfast alone provides almost all of the benefits. vitamin C requirements .


In this way, the vitamin C present in the kiwi fruit strengthens our immune defenses and gives us energy to face winter.

2. Good for transit

Kiwifruit is rich in fiber (helicellulose in the flesh, and pectin in its seeds), which makes it beneficial for intestinal transit. It would also help with constipation problems.

3. A powerful antioxidant

The kiwi fruit has a large number of antioxidants , whose ability to neutralize free radicals makes it a food that fights against bodily damage of all kinds, especially those related to aging.


4. A slimming ally

Kiwifruit has a low caloric density (57 kcal per 100 grams of kiwi) and high satiating power . It is therefore a perfect food if you want to lose weight.


5. Reduces stress and nervousness

Kiwifruit is great for reducing stress. Thanks to its high content of vitamin C, it helps prevent nervousness and anxiety.

6. Fights anemia

It is also a virtue due to its vitamin C content, which increases the absorption of the iron we consume. It is therefore recommended for people suffering from anemia.

7. Slows the onset of osteoporosis

Kiwifruit is an alkalizing food . However, it is important to counterbalance our modern diet, which focuses mainly on acidifying foods with alkalizing foods which contain minerals essential to our health. Without this intake, our body will draw on the mineral reserves of our bones, which leads to osteoporosis.

8. Is cardio-protective

Consuming kiwi fruit would decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease . The researchers (2) observed that the consumption of 2 or 3 kiwis per day for about 1 month led to a decrease in platelet aggregation as well as a decrease in blood triglycerides, 2 risk factors associated with cardiovascular diseases.


9. Promotes healing

According to a study conducted on rats by the University of Isfahan in Iran, the kiwi fruit also promotes wound healing .

10. An anti-carcinogen?

According to a study, kiwifruit prevents oxidation of the blood, making it a powerful ally against certain types of cancer that result from the oxidation of DNA.


The kiwi is a very practical fruit that you can always have on hand: just cut it in half and eat it with a teaspoon.

It is actually very digestible and can be more or less sour and / or sweet depending on the variety.


We hope the article on the 10 surprising health benefits of kiwi fruit has been of help to you.


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