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10 shocking health benefits of linden

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Discover the 10 shocking health benefits of linden.

The health benefits of linden for the body are many, lovers of plants and infusions, recommend consuming this infusion to fall asleep, improve anxiety and alterations of the nervous system.10 shocking health benefits of linden


If you were not aware of the most peculiar benefits that this thousand-year-old plant offers, this is the time to find out and share it with your friends and help those who need a natural and low-cost solution.

Scientifically called  Tilia Platyphyllos, from the Tiliaceae family, which has been known and studied since ancient times, its flower-shaped fruit is the protagonist of wonderful benefits.

In general, all plants have healing power, however, particular plants fulfill specific functions and that are easy to get.

The linden, or linden, became known as a sturdy, leafy tree found in Europe and America.


To mention the benefits of this noble plant, we will start by highlighting that it is an excellent natural antispasmodic because it acts on the muscles, and the tension that can be produced by a reaction of stress or anguish is somniferous because it induces restful sleep, and anxiolytic because it regulates the central nervous system and notably reduces anxiety. Better impossible, isn’t it? What are you waiting to check out?

The months where the linden flowers are culminating in May, June, and July.

In addition to the honey nectar, the linden leaf drying and detaching when it falls to the ground provides nutrients to certain soils lacking in minerals and vitamins, since the effect known as “humus” is created, which is a substance formed by certain natural organic products.

Do not waste the benefits of linden for the body, add it to your daily life! Then you will learn the most important benefits that linden has to offer.

1. – Eliminate insomnia

The benefits of linden, are famous for their antioxidant and calming effects to control insomnia, it has a minimal sedative effect that normalizes the levels of stress and anxiety that affect the normal sleep cycle.

2.- It is diuretic

Consuming linden also generates a mild diuretic effect, increasing urine flows, if there are fluid retention problems, linden helps eliminate them, detoxifying the body and discharging toxins through urine, ideal for people who want to burn calories and lose a few extra pounds!


3.- Cold and cough

Linden Contains limonene, vitamin C, tannins that help viral symptoms and respiratory system problems.

An infusion of linden can make a difference for that annoying flu since it discharges the phlegm from the lungs and helps to decongest.


The mucilages found in linden flowers have mucolytic and anti-inflammatory properties, effective in case of cough and phlegm.

4.- Menstrual cramps

It is a safe and effective plant to counteract and relieve those annoying menstrual symptoms, it is a good natural alternative to replace drugs.

The components that makeup linden with flavonoids are antioxidants and anti-inflammatory.

5.- Anti-inflammatory

Its antioxidant benefits act as an anti-inflammatory, it can also relieve joint pain. Linden is also an option for headaches and migraines.


It has been proven that consuming linden tea for its strong anti-inflammatory powers makes it useful for those external and internal inflammations.

If you take linden tea with some regularity, it can help pain related to arthritis and rheumatism

6.- Helps with digestion

The phytonutrients found in this plant help stimulate good digestion, as it fights the most common stomach ailments. Gas discomfort? feeling full all the time? This can be controlled and relieved to treat spasms of the intestinal tract.

7.- Liver disorders

Linden helps regulate bile by providing benefits to the liver, since this organ undergoes many alterations when disordered nutrition, alcohol consumption, and stress are carried out, causing the organ to suffer alterations. For this type of affection, the bark or honey of the lime is used.

8.- Helps to heal

With its high content of vitamins and minerals, it helps to restore the skin when it is affected, the linden flower poultice has a healing action for these cases, it is a complementary aid to treat scarring.

Linden oil is also beneficial in helping speed up the healing process.


9.- Ally for beauty and skincare

The properties of linden are extensive and proven, and just as it is good for healing, it is ideal for cosmetic use to accompany the facial care routine.

The linden tea can be prepared to make an excellent facial toner, it is soothing, refreshing, and has a pleasant smell.

It prevents premature aging if used properly, it also helps to relax the tensions of the face and serves as a stimulant if used in ice cubes, also in cases of dark circles and swelling of the eyelids, it is a perfect ally for those feminine care.

10.- To lower the fever

Linden tea contains diaphoretic properties, which means that it can be used to induce sweating in case of fever, which is a good alternative to eliminate fever, responsible for this property is P-coumaric acid, responsible for this action


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