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10 Effective Herbs To Help You Sleep (WITHOUT Sleeping Pills)

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Discover the 10 Effective Herbs To Help You Sleep (WITHOUT Sleeping Pills).

Everyone has already had difficulty falling asleep.

But instead of looking for sleeping pills, why not try some natural remedies?

Indeed, many effective herbs can help you sleep.


Check out the 10 best herbs to help you sleep without using sleeping pills. Look :

1. Sage

Headache or muscle tension preventing you from sleeping? The scent of sage is your ally! And in herbal tea, sage can have antiseptic properties.

We recommend this organic sage herbal tea.

2. The gardenia

A German study has shown that the scent of the gardenia has the same effects as valium. It sends the signal for deep sleep to our neurotransmitters.


You can put gardenia petals in a potpourri in your bedroom. Unless you prefer to drop 3 drops of gardenia essential oil in a fragrance diffuser.

3. Lavender

Smelling the scent of lavender before going to bed promotes peaceful sleep. Put some dried flowers in your room. A study has shown that this scent calms the heartbeat and relaxes the muscles.

You can also drink lavender tea before going to sleep.

To discover: The Health Benefits of Lavender

4. Hops

Hops are traditionally used in the making of beer in breweries. But, its powerful aroma helps reduce anxiety to promote sleep.


Consume it in herbal tea before going to bed.

5. Chamomile

The effectiveness of chamomile in helping to fall asleep is no longer to be proven. It has been used since Antiquity to fight against insomnia, especially in herbal tea.

6. Elecampane

This yellow flowering herb has long been used to treat ulcers and chronic bronchitis. But its scent has a calming effect that helps reduce stress and therefore easily fall asleep.

Put some elecampane oil in your room.


7. Rosehip

Studies have shown that drinking rosehip herbal tea helps you sleep much better at night. It also helps prevent stiffness in the morning joints. Its scent promotes relaxation and the desire to sleep.

8. Valerian

This plant is often used in dietetics. It also has the virtue of calming the nerves and treating insomnia. Valerian roots and stems are known to have a serene scent before sleeping.

Put valerian essential oil in a diffuser if you don’t have one in your garden.

9. Passionflower

This plant is used for sleep and gastrointestinal problems related to nervousness and more generally against anxiety.


The scent of passionflower and its components are known to stimulate areas of the brain related to sleep.

Diffuse it by putting 3 drops of essential oil in a diffuser.

10. The reed

This plant has a bitter taste but a very pleasant smell which gives a feeling of tranquility. It helps the body and the mind to fall into a deep sleep.


Make a decoction of reed flowers, the scent of which you can let diffuse. You can also drink it as an herbal tea.


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