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10 benefits of yogurt

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Discover the 10 benefits of yogurt.

The benefits of natural yogurt that you can enjoy with its use and consumption are so many that perhaps from today you will start adding it to your daily routine.

Natural yogurt is considered a functional type of food, which is known for its multiple properties for our health and beauty.

It is well known that regular consumption of this dairy product helps strengthen the immune system, significantly improves the intestinal flora, prevents problems such as diarrhea, and is even said to prevent chronic diseases such as cancer, thanks to the presence of lactobacilli present in it.10 benefits of yogurt


Benefits of plain yogurt

Scientific research has shown at least 15 benefits that you can obtain through the consumption of natural yogurt, as it is this topic that we will talk about in this interesting article.

1.- Regulates the intestinal flora.

In our intestines, there is a presence of bacteria that are of vital importance in many aspects. These collaborate directly with indigestion, helping in the absorption of certain types of food, in the same way, it stimulates the strengthening of the immune system, in addition to avoiding the proliferation of pathogens.

The intestinal flora can be affected by countless factors, such as stress, changes in diet, drug treatments such as antibiotics, and consumption of alcoholic beverages, among others. In natural yogurt, there is several prebiotics, which are responsible for restoring intestinal flora.

These types of prebiotics are very helpful in preventing the proliferation of pathogenic bacteria, which can cause multiple diseases, so if you want to improve this aspect of your health, you can start by adding a glass of yogurt a day to your daily diet.


2.- Helps reduce cholesterol.

If you are one of those people who suffer from high cholesterol, you may start to consider consuming natural yogurt daily, according to some studies, which show that a daily dose of a certain amount of prebiotics can reduce the presence of cholesterol in the blood.

3.- Ally against diarrhea.

It follows that there are at least 500 million episodes of diarrhea per year, including in developed countries since some medical research has shown that some bacteria present in fermented milk can help considerably reduce the risk of diarrhea in children. the children.

4.- Stomach protection.

We can say that some of the most frequent stomach conditions are gastritis and stomach or duodenal ulcers; These types of medical conditions are associated with a bacterium known as Helicobacter pylori.

According to scientific research, it has been shown that the lactobacilli found in yogurt are capable of inhibiting the proliferation of this bacterium, without forgetting that it is an excellent protector of the gastric mucosa.

So if you suffer from gastritis, you may start to consider having a cup of yogurt, to relieve symptoms.

5.- Prevents cancer.

One of the benefits of natural yogurt is that the bacteria present in fermented milk can help reduce the risk of certain types of cancer.

The regulation of the intestinal flora is promoted by the bacteria and the stimulation that it performs on the immune system, which can be considered a mechanism in the antitumor effects.

Many studies have shown that prebiotics reduces the chances of colon, breast, and bladder cancer, yet another reason to add plain yogurt to your daily diet.


6.- Relief for allergies.

Prebiotics can help cure or at least treat allergies; The lymphoid tissue that is present in the intestine plays an important role in the development of this type of condition.

This is because prebiotics considerably reduce intestinal inflammation, balancing lymphocytes and regulating the secretion of cytokines; which helps to reduce the presence of allergies.

7.- Help against overweight.

If you are looking to lose weight or stay in shape, it is time to start considering the consumption of natural yogurt; A recent study showed that replacing some foods with yogurt can help you lose weight quickly and safely.


8.- Reduces the risk of developing diabetes.

A simple cup a day of natural yogurt can reduce the risk of diabetes is type 2, and including yogurt in your daily diet can help you reduce the risk of developing this pathology by at least 20%.

9.- Lactose intolerance.

Despite what some people think, natural yogurt helps you if you are lactose intolerant. Many people suffer from this type of medical condition, this is due to a deficiency of the enzyme known as lactase, which is responsible for digesting lactose, which is a sugar found in milk and its derivatives.

However, science has shown that certain lactobacilli found in yogurt are capable of digesting lactose, which facilitates the digestion of this sugar in people with lactose intolerance.

10.- Avoid vaginal infections.

Vaginal infections are more frequent than you think, candidiasis is a fungus that proliferates in intimate areas, causing itching, burning, and other types of discomfort.

It is said that the consumption of a cup of natural yogurt a day can considerably reduce this type of infection since the lactobacilli present in this dairy product prevent the proliferation of the fungi that cause vaginal infection.


Whole grain or nonfat yogurts are the most recommended since these are made from the milk of grass-fed cows, and these are considered the healthiest.

11.- A dreamy skin.

If you are looking for low-cost beauty treatments but with many benefits, then natural yogurt is the perfect alternative; This product is rich in lactic acid, which is ideal for exfoliating the upper layers of the skin, it also lightens spots and discolorations, and considerably reduces wrinkles.

12.- Rich source of vitamins.

One of the benefits of natural yogurt is that it is considered a rich source of nutrients such as potassium, phosphorus, riboflavin, iodine, zinc, and vitamins B5; In addition to having vitamins from the B12 complex, these nutrients are necessary to maintain red cells and the nervous system to function perfectly.

13.- Recover after exercise.

A correct portion of protein and carbohydrates is perfect to eat after exercising, in natural Greek yogurt we can find a high level of protein.

These are the ones that contain amino acids necessary for the muscles, for them to repair themselves and for carbohydrates to replace stored energy.

14.- Prevents colds.

Healthy bacteria are found in natural yogurt, which sends signals to immune-stimulating cells, which are ideal for fighting viruses or pathogenic bacteria.

Allergy sufferers commonly have low levels of T cells, so to help lessen symptoms you can add plain yogurt to your diet.

15.- Helps to have stronger and healthier teeth.

Low-fat and flavored yogurts are perfect if you want to maintain strong and healthy teeth since they do not damage the enamel that covers the teeth, lactic acid, and protects the gums from possible infections.


Questions and answers about natural yogurt.

Surely the benefits of natural yogurt have caught your attention, however, certain questions may have grown in you, and this is where we will answer some of them.

Where does natural yogurt come from?

Natural yogurt comes from the fermentation of milk, which makes its properties better since people who are lactose intolerant can consume yogurt without any problem.

In a simple yogurt, we can find at least 100 million live bacteria, in addition to a large number of B vitamins, which are perfect for helping us fight diseases and infections.

Can I use yogurt as a face mask?

One of the benefits of natural yogurt is that we can not only consume it but can also apply it to our skin. This ingredient is frequently used in face masks and can be applied to all skin types.

Is it true that yogurt can get on our private parts?

An extremely popular remedy is to apply a little natural yogurt in the areas affected by the fungus, leave it for 15 minutes and then wash with plenty of water. You will notice an immediate improvement.

Knowing the benefits of nature and technology can help us improve our health and the way we see life. If you want to know more about our topics, we invite you to continue reading our interesting posts and to follow us on our social networks.


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