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10 Benefits of purple peas

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Discover the 10 Benefits of purple peas.

Purple peas are little known to people including the health benefits of purple shell peas. Green peas are more common to consume. Many peoples not only love the taste of green peas but also believe that there are many benefits behind vegetables. But it’s good news that purple-skinned peas are healthy, too.

Although it is not very common in the market, but it can be produced in various kinds of dishes. In addition, it brings many health benefits to the body. Purple shell peas are native to Africa and can be easily found in Nigeria.10 Benefits of purple peas


The plants belong to the southern pea family. These purple peas surprisingly only have the purple skin, but with green beans inside. Therefore, when the peas are ripe, it is quite easy to harvest them due to the bright color of their leaves.

Peas can be produced in various meals. It can be served as a vegetable salad, soup, or other types of meals. Therefore, it would not be difficult to consume vegetables.

An interesting fact is that people begin to get acquainted with this type of peas during American slavery. Familiarizing all Western countries with this type of peas. Another interesting fact is that a lot of people don’t call these vegetables like peas, but rather beans.

High nutrient content

There are various nutrients within purple shell peas. Normally in 100gr of this type of peas consist of the below nutrients:



•7.73g protein

•20.76g carbohydrates

•6.5g fiber

•3.3 g of sugars

•24mg calcium

•5mg of iron

•53mg magnesium

•156 mg of phosphorus


•240mg sodium

•29mg zinc

•5mg of selenium

•4mg of vitamin C

•1mg of vitamin B6

•1mg of vitamin A

•28mg of vitamin E

•7mg of vitamin K


10 Benefits of purple peas that you should know

To know the various health benefits of purple shell peas, take a look at the following points:

1.- Fiber source

Like many vegetables, mainly peas, these types of peas are also a great source of fiber.

It is no longer a secret that many vegetables contain a lot of fiber that is good for digestive treatment.

Therefore, whenever you have digestive problems, these vegetables can be a better natural solution to choose.

It is about the same health benefits of orange juice that can help bring as the source of fiber as well.

2.- Healthy Digestive

As vegetables provide a good source of fiber, it is the right way to maintain and treat a healthy digestive system.

Therefore, consuming peas frequently can help improve the digestive system.


3.- Promotes metabolism

Through a better digestive system, peas are also good to help fix the metabolic rate.


It will improve the body’s metabolic system and help optimally transform food into energy.

Also, it will improve the oxygen level inside the body due to the optimal metabolic process.

These are the same health benefits of chokecherry that can also help lower metabolic rates.

4.- Improve the intestine

The high fiber content is also good for improving bowel movement in the processing of food within the intestine.

Therefore, it supports an optimal digestive system and can help prevent the possibility of any digestive problems.

5.- Prevent stomach cancer

Other health benefits of purple shell peas, include preventing the possibility of stomach cancer.

However, this claim needs more research and evidence to make sure this benefit is real.

This is the same health benefits essiac tea that can help as an anti-cancer as well.


6.- Nutrient absorption

The consumption of purple peas can help in an optimal way for the absorption of nutrients.

Optimum metabolic rate and fixing the digestive system will lead to better absorption of nutrients in the body.

Therefore, it is good to include peas in the daily diet menu.

7.- Prevent fat

Like peas are capable of optimizing nutrient absorption, it is also a good way to prevent fat absorption in the body.

Therefore, it will help prevent various cardiovascular diseases and better control body weight.

8.- Weight control

Another advantage of consuming purple shell peas is also for better weight control.

As fiber-rich vegetables, they can help control body weight and prevent becoming overweight.

This is a good natural option for people planning to lose weight.


9.- Avoid constipation

Purple shell peas are also one the good option to avoid the possibility of constipation.

Various vitamins and minerals within vegetables are good for managing a healthy digestive system and will try to decrease gas production within the stomach.

These are the same health benefits of potato soup that can help prevent the possibility of constipation as well.

10.- Relieves upset stomach

Consuming peas are also a good way to relieve a sick stomach.

As it can help prevent constipation and deliver a healthy bowel process.

Therefore, it is a good natural way to treat heartburn and any upset stomach.

In addition, it will relieve the symptoms of stomach pain.

Precautions and recommendations

Even though vegetables can bring many advantages, it does not mean that they can be considered saving to consume. Therefore, before deciding to eat peas frequently, it is better to look at the following recommendations first:


Avoid consuming the peas if you have allergic reactions like itchiness, redness of the skin, swelling of the body part, or even nausea and sickness.

Consume in appropriate portions daily to avoid the possibility of diarrhea due to the high fiber content within the vegetable.

People with medical treatment should consult with the doctor before deciding to put the menu on their daily diet menu.

Be sure to clean the peas before using them in any food or dish to avoid the possibility of unwanted illnesses.

These are the health benefits of purple shell peas that most people are not aware of. However, nowadays people start to use peas in their dishes. Since it is almost similar to green peas.

Be sure to heed the recommendation and always check the medical condition before consuming the vegetables. Therefore, it can bring optimum benefits without harmful side effects to the health condition.


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