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10 benefits of kundalini yoga

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Discover the 10 benefits of kundalini yoga.

The benefits of kundalini yoga are remarkable since it is characterized by being a holistic alternative that many already talk about because more than a yoga practice, kundalini is a lifestyle that can take a place in the lives of very easily.

It is a global system. Connecting the body with the spirit, as well as with its different energy networks, kundalini yoga is a practice that can change your life!10 benefits of kundalini yoga


What is kundalini yoga?

Known as “the yoga of awareness”, Kundalini yoga is a practice with a holistic approach as it interconnects the physical bodies with the energy that flows through us while activating the latent energy that we all possess.

This energy can awaken the highest aspects of the inner being while increasing health, happiness, and awareness.

Kundalini yoga practitioners consistently report incredible increases in flexibility, a better immune system, better weight control, and a feeling of detoxification. But especially kundalini yoga also promotes harmony of mind, body, and soul.

Origins and philosophy

Kundalini yoga is a stream of yoga that draws its birth from the Vedic texts, especially the ‘Advaita Vedanta tradition. Along with Hatha, Raja, Laya, and Mantra yoga, it is part of the Tantric Yoga current, a yoga that, to transcend duality, immerses itself in it, instead of rejecting it through ascetic practices.

Kundalini’s yoga philosophy has been passed down orally through the centuries, its promoters say that its foundation dates back more than 20,000 years, but there are no ancient texts dedicated to this discipline.


 The truth is that Kundalini, like any other yoga, aims at the full spiritual realization of man, and it does so using work centered on energy in its feminine aspect, precisely the Kundalini-Shakti, as a vehicle. This work is carried out through physical, respiratory, materialization, and meditation sessions.

If Hatha yoga has been defined as “physical” yoga, Kundalini can be called “energetic” yoga. Kundalini yoga sessions prepare the body to receive Kundalini energy, through purification and rebalancing techniques that work specifically on the different chakras.

This kundalini yoga lifestyle has been practiced for thousands of years in India, and the teachers have been very secretive since ancient times. It was Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi Ji who brought the first teachings of this practice to the United States in 1969.

Kundalini yoga is the yoga of awakening consciousness. Those who practice it will resort to three main techniques based on the eight limbs of yoga: asana, posture; Pranayama, breath, band, and contraction. Yoga will complete the practice by reciting mantras, to achieve the awakening of self-awareness.

How are the kundalini yoga exercises?

Kundalini yoga physical exercises can be very strenuous, but modifications are usually possible, and everyone can attend a kundalini yoga class, regardless of their physical condition.

This deep form of yoga uses meditative movements to balance the chakras and increase the flexibility of the spine. This tool releases stuck energy and create an almost “magical” flow of energy in all of our cells.

What is the meaning of kundalini yoga?

From Sanskrit Kundal, masculine “circular” but also “snake wrapped in rolls” and Kundali, femininity “ring or twisted rope”. The term kundalini, therefore, indicates non-tangible energy placed at the base of the spine, usually represented or conceptualized as a serpent wrapped around itself in three coils that sleeps at the base of the spine, at the seat of the first chakra.

This energy lying down or sleeping is our vital energy. Kundalini yoga tends to prepare the body for the awakening of this energy, this snake that rises through the chakras towards the center of the head like the sound of an enchanting flute to connect to vital energy.


How to do Kundalini meditation?

Kundalini meditation is a slow and long process that is carried out in various ways, with minor variations. The goal of all techniques is to increase the kundalini energy. This meditation must be done holistically and responsibly.

The body, mind, and emotions must be ready to receive powerful energy through kundalini yoga. It can become dangerous if the power is not received correctly. So you have to be careful and well prepared before you go into Kundalini meditation.

Each class has a different purpose and Kundalini Yoga has no limits on the possibilities for growth, creation, healing, and opening. It is a powerful spiritual practice that opens the doors to each practitioner that provides physical, mental, energetic, and emotional well-being.

The goal of kundalini yoga

The practice is not religious, contrary to what is generally believed. It is a spiritual practice, the awakening of the soul, regardless of what non-religious membership or affiliation the practitioner has.

The objectives of this practice have always been a holistic approach and the awakening of consciousness, however, its objectives are:

•Prepare the mind.

•Right posture.

•Control your breath.


•Exercises for better meditation.

•Find the correct Mantra.


Benefits of kundalini yoga

You don’t need to be skinny, flexible, or wear white clothes to practice kundalini yoga. This method is for everyone, some practices can be exhausting, but this practice cleanses the body and mind from within.

1.- Greater vitality

Like all varieties of yoga, the practice of kundalini has a multitude of benefits for the mind, and also the body.

It fortifies the nervous and immune systems, will improve muscles, soothe bone and ligament difficulties, and will give you better blood circulation and better vitality. Therefore, you will feel younger and more energetic.

2.- Calm the mind

In the Kundalini practice, you will learn to calm the mind and get rid of everything that is not essential and that is detrimental to your well-being.

Kundalini yoga will give you the keys to understanding what is important and what is secondary. You will develop the ability to focus on the essentials.

3.- Access the unconscious

The unconscious plays a vital role in everyday life. Not realizing it, and not knowing how to use it to your advantage, has detrimental results for the body and mind.


Through kundalini practice, you learn to access the unconscious and remove everything that shouldn’t be there, especially mistakes and negative things from the past.

4.- Deep peace

Freeing the mind of the superfluous allows you to reach a state of relaxation and then deep meditation. Beyond its relaxing, inevitably health-promoting effects, meditation has also been shown to help kick addictions of all kinds: food, drugs, violence, and sex.

5.- General well-being

The mind freed from everything that weighs on the shoulders becomes more capable of being happy. Furthermore, as with all sports, the practice of Kundalini Yoga increases the level of serotonin in the body.

This molecule of happiness will make you forget all your worries, at least until the end of the session. That’s why doing it regularly will make you happier!

6.- Kundalini yoga develops better breathing

The man has several elements to eat: solid food, liquid drinks, and air. The lungs have enormous capacities, but most people use only 10%. So you must learn to breathe to use all of your abilities.

In addition, by performing powerful and deep work on breathing, they make the lungs stronger. Kundalini yoga releases trapped emotions and when breathing is done correctly in this practice, emotions calm down and energies circulate and allow the muscles of the body to relax.

7.- Better mobility

Frequently, intense physical exercises lead practitioners to surpass themselves and thus allow them to be aware of the possibilities of the human body, but in a natural and non-dependent way.

The mind influences the physical; thus, when he feels depressed, he will tend to give in, to curl up in on himself. The physical body that finds flexibility and mobility allows the energy to act on all systems: digestive, circulatory, immune, and glandular.


8.- Kundalini yoga improves meditation

What is called meditation is the observation of thought without the existence of judgment. It is a moment in front of yourself, listening to the body and the mind.

To observe without judging is to become aware, and it is thanks to the awareness that physical and mental automatisms can be broken. Meditations are sometimes sung and amplify the work of the breath.

9.- Kundalini yoga allows relaxation

Emotions often crystallize at the muscular level and create tensions, tensions, which in turn create mental blocks, causing vicious circles. Kundalini yoga allows your muscles to relax, tension decreases, and allows energy to circulate throughout the body and the mind is finally at peace.

10.- Kundalini Yoga works on all aspects of the body

   Kundalini yoga is effective because it concentrates both inside and out because it gives vitality thanks to muscular work and that generates mental and spiritual flexibility.

Emotional balance, through learning techniques that aim to control the mind and, therefore, decisions in a state of calm and serenity.

 It helps to free oneself from mental and physical automatisms, reductive visions, from intolerant or sectarian attitudes, and makes a more positive universe of openness and reconciliation.

Importance of kundalini yoga

Well, among the various declensions and currents of yoga, Kundalini yoga is the one that puts more emphasis on consciousness as a force capable of activating the energy centers of the body. This teaching is a discipline because it will bear fruit if it is put into practice regularly.

The kundalini is accessible to everyone, regardless of age or disability. And it is at the same time a good physical training, also a good spiritual practice that you have to look for yourself.


Kundalini is known to provide good physical exercise, its main purpose is to awaken the full potential of consciousness, this practice of kundalini will have a variety of beneficial effects.

 Kundalini yoga allows you to better manage your emotions and become masters of your lives.

Communicating better with their interior, and improving relationships with external reality and the society that surrounds them.

When you find tranquility and inner peace, you no longer need to find outside what is inside you.


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